Today I want to talk about something that’s really close to my heart. It’s the question; Why do so many people get stressed out and even get sick from it?

Even though we know so much there are still so many solutions out there.  There are literally endless solutions out there, but it’s still the fastest growing disease maker in the world right now.

This is a major problem and so I’ve been looking at what my clients do, what I have seen in the media and the in the magazines and so on,  and I found that all the solutions out there are mostly just quick fixes. You do this or that and everything will be fine, and people listen.  They find these quick fixes easy to do but afterwards there’s no difference, they’re still in the rat race they’re still running on the hamster wheel of work all the time.

So then they jump on the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing and they get a little bit of relief until they’re back in the stress again.  They never find that permanent solution, the permanent good life that they can have:

Where they have free time, the good life, where work and family time is happy.

So that’s what living in a stress cycle looks like and I have been there myself.  I used to look at those quick fixes and I tried a few things. But they didn’t really make me happy so I took some time to reflect on what was what was it all about because  I was getting so overwhelmed in my life.

I had seen a lot, and when I looked at all the stresses in my life I figured out it all connects and that you have to look at the whole picture. You have to look at everything at the same time and then you can do what you need to do to fix it all.

From my research on this subject I found that first you had to figure out how to get the motivation you need to pick your own brain, to find the mindset  so that you would do the work to get what you wanted to achieve.

You had to have a goal.

The second thing you had to do was look at your body. How is your health? Do you have enough energy to do the changes that you need to do ?

This way you have the mindset to help your brain to want to make the change and your body to have energy enough to do it.

After this you can then look at the base of your life. The base of your life is all the stuff that’s outside of you, like work and money and family and friends and network and a lot of other things.

You have to look at your whole situation. Which parts of those do you really want to change? Some might be very good already some you maybe want to do radical changes on.

So when you have the mindset and you have the energy, then you can start making those changes and everything turns out much better. You can get your stress free life or almost stress free at least.

Because stress is a reaction in the body that’s a natural function. It’s what happens when we get up in the morning and sit there trying to figure the big picture in your life, but don’t take action to make changes.

So that’s what it’s all about,  you need to do all three things.

1- Pick your brain.

Look at your mindset where do I want to be?

2- Look at your body.

Ask yourself: Do I take care of it enough to get the energy so that I can do all this good work?

3- Then look at the base of your life and ask; what do I want to change and then start doing it in little steps, one by one and you will get there.

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To your success and keep smiling.