Time. Our most valuable resource. Something that ticks away day after day. But unlike money or materialistic items, we can’t buy more time.

We’ve all got the same amount of time in a day -24 hours. No one has more and you don’t have less. It’s equal. But it all comes down to prioritising your time. If you ever find yourself saying ‘I don’t have the time to look after myself or I can’t, I have to work all the time’, then I’ve written this with you in mind. If you’re not taking ownership of your time, somebody else will.

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Sometimes it can feel like stress has the upper hand on us. If you’re a business leader stress is something that you’re going to come up against at times. But there are some simple and easy ways to harness stress and keep it under control. Now, if you know me, I’m always talking about treating stress on a deeper level. There’s no such thing as a ‘quick fix’.

But today, I’d love to share with you 3 quick tips to use as a temporary fix when you’re in moments of stress. Just remember, these tips won’t cure stress 100% but they will give you a much needed sense of relief.

Let’s take a look at my three best tips…

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Honestly, how often do you get stressed out?

I recently had a survey out about stress. One of the question was about how often people were stressed out. This was not a scientific study but questions to people in my network. One interesting thing I found out is that most people didn’t say they are stressed every day but every week. 50% said every week, 25 said every day and the rest said every month or more seldom.

Chasing the time!

I would have thought that more people would say every day since that is what I hear in conversations in general, they are ALWAYS stressed out. That makes me wonder why there is a difference.

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July De-Stress Round-Up

Summer is here and it is time to take a break from the blog for a week or two. Some may call it laziness but I think it’s good to take time away to reflect on your life, your work and find your path into the future. So, why not use the summer to ponder about where you are heading? This is hard to do during the never ending rat-race that are ordinary work-weeks.

These are big life questions and, for most people, they typically need some time and fuel to think about. But, I’ve made it easy for you to get started. Here are 5 of my previous blog posts that cover a wide array of stress-related topics and they’re perfect for pondering while sitting on a dock with your feet in the water.

Wrong place to sleep at! https://www.askdrannika.com/6-tips-about-your-internet-plug-in-time/

Here are a few habits to implement – perfect to start in the summer to be all set when fall comes.



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Three ways to get energy to de-stress!

The other day I was asked, in a Facebook comment, how to avoid disturbed sleep when caused by overload. At first I was going to answer – “by looking over your sleeping habits” – but no, that is starting in the wrong end. That is treating a symptom but the “disease” is still there.

You have to start by looking at what is bugging you, what is stressing you out, right!? And to do that you need to look at the big picture.

Take a Helicopter view of your life

Do you remember what metaphor I use for looking at your whole situation? I suggest you take a virtual helicopter ride over your life. You can fly around yourself and you can go down and hoover over specific areas where you see specific challenges. It can give you a good picture of the whole situation. This is what I do with all my private clients and it is just as thought-provoking every time. What will show up? Often issues that the client did not predict.

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My USA book tour – a fun adventure!

The second half of March I spent in USA.

The first four days I was attending one of my favorite business mentors Brendon Burchard´s event High Performance Academy, held in Santa Clara CA. This teaching is about personal development and in very many senses this is part of what I teach too. It is about how to find the best you, a less stressed out version of yourself. I got some good ideas for the future – watch out for it ahead …….

Dr Annika at HPA

After the course, I headed towards Denver for my book tour. The tour got short, just one stop because we were late in the marketing.

Anyway I was to speak at the monthly meeting of the US-European network in Denver where SACCcolorado had the turn to arrange the program for March. That fitted well with my time in town. I came two days early and had a chance to walk a lot downtown Denver. It was such a nice place – I love the modern architecture with lots of glass side by side to old small houses.

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6 things to do during a long flight

Even though you may never go on a long trip like 11 hours these tips are useful for shorter trips too. The reason I say 11 hours is that I am sitting on a direct flight from Copenhagen to San Francisco right now writing this and that is 11 hours in the air and I came to think of how to use all that time without going crazy.

flight route



11 hours is a long time – very long time and it is easy to get stressed out if you just sit still and think about it.

I played with the thought of what one can do in this situation. You are all squeezed like sardines in a tin and moving space is limited. And I came up with these 6 activities.

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Christmas time is family time for me!

Just the word Christmas starts a lot of thoughts and feelings within most people. It often presses the “Stress Button” within since it is “supposed” to be the fun and healing time, but it more often tends to be the most stressful time of the year. It can be traditions to be faithful to, being alone without family, other people’s expectations and so much more. What is Christmas time for you? Today it is  family time for me, but before it was just a lot of stress. I was in a rat race that I hated. But I found a solution. Here is my story:

Snowman brings Christmas peace

When I was a kid I remember the hectic race going from one relative to the other on Christmas Eve. Some of them got annoyed because they thought we didn’t make the right priority in which order to visit them. We were supposed to exchange gifts and taste each other’s sweets. I never understood the fun in this – it was just a must because of other people’s expectations – and I was so relieved in the evening when we had our own Christmas evening – just for the closest family including grandparents.

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Decrease Your Stress with My De-Stress Diary!

Out of pure joy I want to pop in with an extra blog post today! I have just finished my second book and it is up on Amazon Today. It comes in Paperback and as Kindle book.

My DeStress Diary

When my friends and promoters at Digiwriting.com earlier this fall asked if I could write another book I was hesitating. I had so much to do and it seemed impossible to squeeze one more project in. I do have to walk my talk and not get into the Rat Race myself. Then it occurred to me that I have a lot of material just sitting there not being used and maybe that could be procedured in some way. We did some inventory and voilà – here is a new book: My DE-STRESS DIARY – 52 effective tips for less stress and more peace of mind.


My De-Stress Diary provides week-by-week tips for readers to introduce into their lives, teaching that even in life’s busiest moments, managing stress and finding happiness is possible.

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New era – new leadership roles – more stress?

I guess it is clear to most that we are in the middle of a new “industrial revolution” – that is we go from today’s industrial society towards the future IT society. Well, really we are already there in many ways. Today’s young people have nothing to compare with – since most of them have not experienced the “industrial society”. This transformation will request a lot of new knowledge and skills from everybody dealing with it.
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