Have you ever wondered if there is a simple way to avoid stress?

I’m sure you have because I’ve met so many people who ask:

  • Is it possible to be without stress?
  • Is there a quick fix for it?

And I say no there are no quick fixes.  

Preventing and avoiding stress can’t have quick fixes, because quick fixes are just for the moment and they are temporary. They may give temporary relief but they’re not going to solve anything, and before you know it you will be stressed once again.

But there are things that you can do that can prevent stress from hitting you so hard. And I have helped so many clients with this and they always thanked me afterwards because this is such a good thing to do. I am talking about something that gives you the energy to deal with your life and with the stress, or whatever is coming at you.

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This holiday season are you more:

“Holiday season is coming up with all the fun and togetherness of meeting with friends and family. It’s going to be such a great time.”

Or holiday season is coming up..

“I feel so stressed out for all the things that I must do. I just don’t like it. I can almost say I hate it.”

Which scenario do you prefer?

Christmas season is a very hectic time for most people and for you lady business leaders it can be a double up, because you have your job to do plus looking after your employees. Of course you want them to have a nice time and that everything will be good for Christmas, but you also have to make sure all the work is completed so that all your customers are OK before the holidays start. And then you also you have your home life where you are supposed to be serving other people and usually take on all the responsibilities there. Because even in these days of supposed “equality” it is still usually the woman in the family that has the responsibility of organizing the holiday celebrations.

You want everyone to be happy because that’s how you were brought up. But you feel lonely, you feel that it’s not fun and you think “OK I’ll take things one day at a time and I will survive because soon enough it’ll be over”. Because for you it’s just survival.

But now is the time to change that.

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Many of my clients complain that they have such a big workload and that there’s always more to do than what they have time for. They ask themselves: “How on earth will I get through the day?”

They say: “I’m not taking on anything else. Isn’t anybody else working in this place?”

They ask: “Where shall I start?”

And that’s the critical question. Where shall I start?

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I asked my clients what is your biggest hurdle in your work life?

Most of them answered with exactly the same thing and that is that there is just so much to do!

This problem is most definitely in everyone’s top three hurdles.

Not only did they tell me that there was so much to do but also that there is so little time. They said “imagine if I had the right amount of tasks for the time that is given. That would be great life, but that’s not what it looks like.”

And when I heard that I have just wished I could be a magician and fix more time for people.

But as you know now that’s not possible, time is a fixed thing and we all have the same amount and we have to organize our life in the different ways instead.

However, there are other ways to get around this problem……

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Have you ever had a vacation where you were hoping for some rest but it didn’t turn out that way.

Instead of relaxing you got it all spoiled by all the obligations that you had on your mind. Things that you couldn’t stop yourself doing because you thought that they just had to get done, and so you couldn’t control yourself. I bet you have.

Let me tell you about my summer. We have a summer house by the coast and there is a very nice beach very close to it where you can just walk down and take a swim in the ocean. I love this place, it’s so soothing and relaxing to be here. That moment when I get out of the car in the parking lot I feel my shoulders just totally relax. It’s definitely my happy place.

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Time. Our most valuable resource. Something that ticks away day after day. But unlike money or materialistic items, we can’t buy more time.

We’ve all got the same amount of time in a day -24 hours. No one has more and you don’t have less. It’s equal. But it all comes down to prioritising your time. If you ever find yourself saying ‘I don’t have the time to look after myself or I can’t, I have to work all the time’, then I’ve written this with you in mind. If you’re not taking ownership of your time, somebody else will.

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