Take stress from chaos to calm

Take stress from chaos to calm is a new workbook on stress dedicated to leaders and corporate executives. They have long been known to have a difficult time dealing with stress.

My De-Stress Diary

My De-Stress Diary provides week-by-week tips for readers to introduce into their lives, teaching that even in life’s busiest moments, managing stress and finding happiness is possible.

My Creative Thoughts Journal!

Your journal is your sacred place. Here you can capture and foster your most creative thoughts and inspired ideas on a daily basis to realize your greatest vision. A global bestseller. Dr Annika is one of 160 co-authors.

A New Year to A New You

This book captures the best golden nuggets from leading authorities on how to achieve the greatest success in the year to come. Designed to take you deep into the work of over 30 experts (incl Dr Annika) in the psychology and secrets of creating results.