Which side of the brain do you use most?

TED talk that make it easy to understand!

I was going to continue with the Wheel of life but today I was shown a TED talk on Facebook that made me change my mind. I just have to write about Mindset instead. Well, you could say this is about personal development too, which is part of the Wheel of life. The speech was held by brain researcher  Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. It is an extraordinary speech about an extraordinary event.  She also explains so easy the difference between the left and right brain halves. Don’t miss this.

Being a brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor experienced her own brain hemorrhage. The interesting thing is that she can describe the event from a scientific view telling all the phases she went through before the damage was too big. Please watch it 18 minutes of amazement.

She talks about the right brain as being the “here and now” part of us – us being part of the energy flowing in universe – and the left as the “past and future” part with logic thinking and being me, separated from all others. I find that a very nice and simple way to describe them. It also makes it easy to see that we need both parts of the brain to be whole human beings.

I have worked a lot during my years as doctor with the understanding of what makes us do things. Why do so many people get bitter and stuck in the past, why do so many people live in the future getting  lost in the planning not seeing what they have this very moment? Dr Jill Bolte Taylor´s speech made it so clear to me that we really have a choice to choose where we want to be.

She called the right hemispheres feeling “the Lala-land” I guess because it was “flipped out”. I can imagine that some drugs work the same way as her stroke – they turn parts of our rational brain off. But she also clearly stated that you can choose where you want to be and for how long. This is a big part of the Mindset – you decide what part of your brain you want to be active. You decide what thoughts you want to think. And you decide when you need to turn on the more rational part.

Why not use this knowledge and try to switch between the alternatives in a more active way – using the left side to get things done and using the right side to get more relaxed and be more present in what we are doing right now. I am sure it will raise the wellbeing and we also will be more efficient.

What side of the brain do you use the most? Do you make active choices for you thinking and doing? What is your best ideas about mindset? Please share your comments below.

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Keep smiling!

4 thoughts on “Which side of the brain do you use most?

  1. Really, really interesting. Over the years I have studied how the brain works with helping us attain our goals and filtering out unnecessary information and what you presented today is really interesting. I am headed now to watch the TED talk. Thank you for bringing this really important information to us. Linda

    • Hi Linda and thanks for stopping by. Yes, this video is unbelivable interesting – everyone seeing it will understan so much more about themselves too. So please spread the word in your network too.

  2. It really gives food for thought. I just wonder now how to put this actively into practice. Thank you for sharing this amazing video. Mariane

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