What is health and what is health care?

Caring handShall doctors only cure or may they also care for good health?

Today I want to discuss the meaning of the words health and healthcare. I have met thousands of patients throughout my carrier. Some I have actually cured, many I have sent to other specialists for adequate help but often my job has been to comfort and to help understand the biology and psychology behind the condition the patient has/feels.

The time for each patient in the Healthcare system is often too short for reflections and discussions to get that understanding. That was one of the big reasons why I left the Healthcare system and became an entrepreneur. Another essential reason was that I saw that 75 % of all patients had conditions that might have been avoided with a more physiological approach in their lifestyle.

Said and done – I started working with health promotion instead. And I love doing that. Every time any of my clients “get the point” and start changing things in their life and/or lifestyle and come back feeling so much better I get a warm feeling inside.

The problem is that so many people tell me that a doctor’s job is to cure, write prescriptions and do traditional doctors chores. They say it is a waste not to use my medical skills.

They have not understood, using my medical skills is exactly what I am doing. Using it for helping my clients NOT to get sick. Using it to delay or even postpone disease that would come if not taking care of your body and mind the proper way.

Here is how I see it. Body, mind and soul are related. If you hurt one part the others will also get hurt and so on. You should always look at the whole picture. This is HEALTH and HEALTH CARE to me. (Of course banal infections and some other small things are excluded from this discussion – BUT they can be that little thing that makes everything tip over)

Todays tip:

When you are not feeling well and things around you become a burden and the stress eats you – the best thing to do is to stop and reflect. Take a look at the situation from a helicopter view. I use this method in my client work and I use these headlines and countercheck them as I go along.

  • Health – am I taking care of my body and mind? What do I need to change? Do I need help?
  • Family/close relations –  do I have a network? Can I ask for help? Are there even persons I should stop seeing – that are not good for me?
  • Love – Do I have real close relations? Can they help me?
  • Work – Things to change?
  • Free time / fun – Do I have free time? How do I use it?
  • Personal development – Am I stuck in old patterns?
  • Physical surrounding – What kind of environment do I want to live in?
  • Money – My economic situation? Do I need help?

I usually use at least one hour to go through and discuss these subjects. The questions above are only examples. The reflection will give a relatively good picture of where the needs are and what is most urgent and important. If you find you need help – get help!

If youwant professional help with your “Helicopter ride” you are welcome to get in touch. I use this model as a part of my mentoring program for managers and leaders “Take back the control of your life”.

If you find that physical health is your most urgent need my e-book might be something for you. It will help you get started to take control of your body.

How do you CARE for your HEALTH?

Keep smiling