Walking my talk!

Please join me on my walk for a marvelous 2012!

The year 2012 is only a little more than one week old. Some of you might just have started work after the holidays. And some of you did not take any days off – you had to keep control ….. I hope you at least took some hours off every now and then.

What do you want to from 2012? More money? More energy? Control? Better health? You decide what you are aiming for. I am aiming for my best year ever…

A year with just the right amount of everything good  – work, happiness, joy, friends, healthy routines, good food, money and prosperity. The list can be long. I will get my best year by doing things the best way I know, by walking my talk.

I will during 2012 give you a chance to do the same things by giving you my best tips learned from 24 years as doctor and my somewhat longer personal life experience. Every Tuesday I will post a new text on my Blog with tips for higher profitability in you company and feel-good for yourself and your employees.

Here is a very simple but great tip: It is easy to make promises to yourself about what to do, when to do it and how to do it. But it is not easy to keep on track until you have made things into a new routine. This is the real hard part – most people give up and stick to old routines. For many people it is easier to get results if you make you plans official to some extent. I don’t mean it has to be really official but at least known to some people around you. I use my family for this. Once I have told them my new aims they keep reminding me until I do things automatically – this works fine.

I am sure you have someone around that can support you – and maybe you can support each other. This is a great model to use for business owners and other leaders. Use the fact that your employees function the same way. Let them “compete” about being best at keeping for example new strategies implemented in the organization. You have to have the “competition” going for at least 2 month to give the routines a chance to get permanent.  Top with a small prize for best/fastest result or just make a small lottery as an incentive for keeping up the good spirits. Everybody wants to be a winner!

Which healthy strategies or routines you need to implement for your own well being or for your business is another question and I will get back to that during this year.

If you need help with these issues today I can offer you two things. I´ll give you a free 20 minutes strategic interview helping you find your most urgent needs. Send me a note and I will send more information.

You can also buy and work with my e-book “5 Golden Nuggets Showing: The Simple Truths of Human Health – and how to reclaim your life, body and spirit”. It has a complementary workbook with questions and exercises. It is based on my audio series “Dr Annika´s 5 Golden Nuggets for Superior Health” which are my ideas of good health and prosperity and gives you a good chance to start working with yourself. Once you have worked yourself through it you will know what areas you want/need to continue working with in the future.

Why not give a copy to each of your employees too – you can work your way through the book together for excellent results!

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Take care!