Thoughts around a broken wrist – think “If…”

Are you and your organization prepared for mishaps?My mothers broken wrist

A week ago my mother fell and broke her left wrist. Just a simple tripping accident right outside her home. She was carrying 2 shopping bags, one in each hand to make the weight even. She is 86 years old and has no home care. 8 hours later after the emergency ward she is back in her apartment, late Saturday evening, with the left arm in a cast and is supposed to make it herself.

Well, she has one of her children (me) close by and my husband, our three daughters and I can together make a schedule to help her when needed. I must say, she is doing excellent herself and it is just the small things like some of the personal hygiene, opening packages, slicing food and shopping that she needs help with. She has Diabetes but she can handle her Insulin injection herself.

This reminded me how quick life can change and it may affect your personal life and your business. Are you all set for an accident like this? One that quickly changes the conditions in your work or personal life.  Do you have a plan for emergencies?

Today’s tip will have to be: Make plans! For all kind of disasters and crises. Just as the commercial say “Plan for your own funeral” you should plan for the crises that can happen while still alive.

As business leader you are responsible for a lot of things. Everything and anything can go wrong. Accidents, illness, your product hurt somebody, the journalists is writing bad stuff about you, clients complain and spread bad words and so on. I hope they will not – but IF….? Any of these things may change your business in a second. I don’t mean to scare you, just warn you and help you reduce the risks.

Depending on your situation different things are at risks in YOUR business. Brainstorm around this – alone or with someone you trust. WRITE IT DOWN. No one can keep more than a couple of things in their heads at the same time. If you write it down you can look at many things at the same time and get a much better view of the situation.

Make lists of the most important situations that may go wrong and then make plans for taking care of them IF they happen. Voila, you are prepared for the worst – and now you can sleep well at night. This is caring for your health = health care.

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Keep smiling