This is yesterdays blogpost! Why ………..

If you can´t do it today – do it tomorrow!

Your daily agenda

Ouch, it only took 5 days for me to get out of track from the 100 blog challenge I started on March 1. Sad isn´t it? Both yes and no!

I sat in my office late last night and was about to write something – no – anything. Then I thought – who wants to read anything? Nobody! If you dont have a true message you might as well be quiet, right. And that is part of todays message. If you dont have anything to say – dont say it.

The other part of todays message is – I need to live as I teach. I keep helping my clients to skip doing things they have “promised” to do if time runs out. Then it is better to stop  and do it right the next day – when you can think again .

You almost always get a new chance the next day – and you will do a much better job in just a blink of the time it would have taken to do a lousy job when you are exhausted.

Do you get the point?

Please give your tips and your opinion on this – you can comment below.

Until my next blog post – keep smiling!

Dr. Annika