The struggle to get black figures in the company report

What is most important – your life or your job/business?

This might seem like a tough question but this is often what it is all about. Business people and other leaders or top people often have one thing in mind – to get black figures or rising the percentage of profit whatever it takes. Now it is time for half year report. Of course it is necessary to keep an eye on the figures otherwise the business cannot survive or grow – BUT to what price? Is it worth it? Can you do it some other way?

I have met many top leaders as patients or clients and no one has got a “Thank you for working yourself to illness” from their company. No one! No one will in the end thank you if you work too much. You might be the business owner yourself and if you work too hard your business will not survive if you disappear from the scene.

What should/would/could you do to solve this problem – so much to do and so little time! Seems like mission impossible. Might also be mission impossible? If that is the case you have a real problem – but there are ways to get around it.

As you know by now I always want to get back to basics. What are we made to handle? What are the basic circumstances we have to deal with? What are our limits? I might not know everything about how to calculate those figures, how to manage a big company etc. but I do know a lot about how to survive the stress.

I always offer my clients to work with a helicopter view of their situation. Take a look at the whole picture before you decide what to do. I use a structured model to do that. Why will that favor my clients? Well, with that in mind it is much easier to prioritize and it will ease all that strain and stress. It will give them a good view of what is most time effective and what is most harmful to their health. The result will differ between people – maybe this is a good time to delegate?

One good way to get your thoughts organized is to go for a walk. I use walk and talk in getting the helicopter view for my clients. Walk and talk is the best ever method to do a great job and take care of your health at the same time. Bring your mentor, business partner, client, friend, spouse, yes anyone who can be a sounding board to you for a long walk and talk. Bring a small notebook and a pencil and make small notes as you come up with interesting things along the walk. Use this to help to prioritize, to look at specific issues/problems or just to get new ideas. You will be surprised how effective it is.

In Sweden you can also join Affärsnätverket Walk&Talk if you want to meet other business people. Perfect way to get to know new people. You can find meetings all over Sweden at their website (sorry – only in Swedish).

How do you manage in these difficult situations? Do you work yourself to the bitter end or what are your tips to handle overload? Please comment and share!

Do you want personal help please send a message.

Until next week – keep smiling!

One thought on “The struggle to get black figures in the company report

  1. Dr Annika, as a business owner myself I know how easy it is to forget about your own health and slip into becoming a workaholic, focusing mainly on work.

    Talking a walk with a business partner or colleague to brainstorm is a great idea or even putting some audios on an ipod and going for a walk I’m sure would be just as beneficial. How lucky you are to have a business networking group that focuses on walking while you network – I wish there was something like that in the UK.

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