Systematic Work = going the easy way

Doing things right will increase your profitability

I promised last week that this week will be about keeping your business in good shape and raise the profitability by Systematic Work. Last week was about the leader this week is about the company. Most directors and leaders want to have high profit in their business. Smart directors and leaders do things right from the beginning and will have higher profit. Systematic Work is compulsory in Sweden. It is really all about preventing accidents and disease caused by work. It does reduce the risk for harmful things but it also definitely helps you be more effective and raise your profit.

If you are 10 people or more in the company everything has to be written down according to Swedish law. I don’t know about the rules for Systematic Work in your country but whatever the case is, everybody benefits from doing things right the first time. It is not very hard – I would say all companies can do it. It is all about structure.

Today’s photo is the wheel of Systematic Work. This one is in Swedish (for your language training) and the main message is that it all goes around the year and then it starts all over again.

Dealing with Systematic Work is not a typical job for a medical doctor. But I find it extremely suitable to have a doctor helping you get the structure you need to avoid accidents and disease. I have taken a course in Systematic Work and got my license. I have done some big jobs and so far everybody is happy. One employer said “I hope my boss realizes how valuable it is to have you being a doctor as our help in these issues. We have had engineers dealing with this before but they didn’t see us, the employees, the people. They only saw the physical part of the job – chairs, desks, machines and other hard stuff”

What is Systematic Work and how to do it? Systematic Work is a basic structure for everything you do in your business.

All your rules and policies.

The distribution of tasks among the employees.

Who is responsible for what.

When to do things.

Plans for things that might happen, rules that make these things less likely to happen and plans for what to do if they happen.

Checklists for things you need to check and so on.

All written down in a structured way, easy for everyone to get hold of and read. You can compare it with your own kitchen cupboard at home – you keep your things in certain places and you do things certain ways – always the same because it makes it easy to handle that way.

That is what Systematic Work is about – making it easy to work – doing things the same way every time and doing the right thing. How to do it? There is no quick fix in this work. Depending on where in the process your business is at the moment you need to do different things. Some need to take it all from the beginning and some of you might only need to revise your documents. It is very hard to generalize in this matter and I will be glad to help you get on the right track. Send a note or make a comment on the blog and I will answer.

I have started a great project with one of my clients. They have most of the documents they need BUT they find it hard to systemize the documents. Because of that they work a lot extra just because they don’t find things where they should be and so on. Together with Andreas Wirdemo, at EldUpphör, a company working with Systemaic Fire prevention that I collaborate with, I am creating a system for Systematic Work on the internet. I do the structure and Andreas does the technical part to get online. We have made 9 month plan to build and implement this. The customer will then have a smooth and easy system to work with.  All their documents will be easy accessible for all employees and it will be easy to revise when needed.

Would you also want to get your company’s structure online and in order you can send your request.

Keep smiling