Strategic health plan for better profitability

Take control of your situation.

Short of time and stress is the biggest problem to many business leaders today and I guess will be also in the future. This can ruin even the best company – big or small. It is not easy to make the right decisions when you have too many decisions to make at the same time. It gets out of hand and all you do is extinguish fires. Is that what you want to do? Just run faster and faster in the hamster wheel…

In the end you will stumble and fall. If you are lucky you have still not reached “the wall” when you fall, if not you have come all the way and end up in “the wall” and that will give you a hard time getting back on track again.

How to avoid this? Get yourself a good strategic health plan and your company a good Systematic Work. It will make you feel good and it will help you get your company to prosper.

A good strategic health plan is a plan that takes your whole life situation into account. You need to look at your whole situation, both private and official to be able to make a plan that can work. It all is one unit. You need to consider doing changes both privately and in you work and leadership.

I know, changing lifestyle is not easy. But making some minor changes in your daily routines might make a huge difference in your perceived workload. You do as much but you do it different and it doesn’t feel as much. But first of all you need to take a helicopter view of your situation.

Here is a list of the things I look at when I help clients get control of their situation

  • Health – am I taking care of my body and mind? What do I need to change? Do I need help?
  • Family/close relations – do I have a network? Can I ask for help? Are there even persons I should stop seeing – that are not good for me?
  • Love – Do I have real close relations? Can they help me?
  • Work – Things to change?
  • Free time / fun – Do I have free time? How do I use it?
  • Personal development – Am I stuck in old patterns?
  • Physical surrounding – What kind of environment do I want to live in?
  • Money – My (and my company’s) economic situation? Do I need help?

I usually use at least one hour to go through and discuss these subjects. The questions above are only examples. The reflection will give a relatively good picture of where the needs are and what is most urgent and important. If you find you need help – get help! Will save you lots of energy and lots of money too in the long run.

If you want professional help with your “Helicopter ride” you are welcome to get in touch. I use this model as a part of my mentoring program for managers and leaders “Take back the control of your life”.

If you find that physical health is your most urgent need my e-book might be something for you. It will help you get started to take control of your body.

How do YOU care for YOUR situation? Next week I´ll write about Systematic Work which is like a strategic health plan for your company.

Keep smiling