Step 4 – Get an overview of your total situation

Time to take a virtual helicopter ride

You have gotten yourself out of the Hamster Wheel, started to get to know yourself and started your Mindset shift with a smile. Now is the time to take a good look on your life from above. Imagine that you ride a helicopter and you are hovering above your own person. Take a close look and what do you see? A happy person, a stressed person, a sad person? Or a person who has lost contact with himself and is just indifferent to the situation?

Take a real close look because that person is you. Is this what you want? Maybe! If so I just want to congratulate you. Then you can go on with your life the same way as before.

If not, I want to give you a tool to use in the helicopter. You have different roles in your life, as business leader, as colleague, as friend and with your close relations. It is good to look at the different roles from above. It is also important to see what environment you work in and what resources you have. It is also important to see how you take care of yourself and so on.

Here is a list of different things that together build a picture of your whole life. It is like taking a look at the situation from a helicopter view. These are things for your personal wellbeing and they make the foundation for your good work as business leader.

I use this method in my client work and I use these headlines and countercheck them as I go along.

  • Health – am I taking care of my body and mind? What do I need to change? Do I need help?
  • Family/close relations –  do I have a network? Can I ask for help? Are there even persons I should stop seeing – that are not good for me?
  • Love – Do I have real close relations? Can they help me?
  • Work – Things to change?
  • Free time / fun – Do I have free time? How do I use it?
  • Personal development – Am I stuck in old patterns?
  • Physical surrounding – What kind of environment do I want to live in?
  • Money – My economic situation? Do I need help?

It usually takes at least one hour to go through and discuss these subjects. The questions above are only examples. The reflection will give a relatively good picture of where the needs are and what is most urgent and important. What part is your weak spot? If you find you need help – get help!

Do you use another model for looking at the whole situation? Do you work with this sometimes? Please share your comments below.

If you find this information useful I would be glad if you share it in your network. Maybe you even know someone who really needs this – feel free to give them the link to my website.

If you need professional help with your “Helicopter ride” you are welcome to get in touch. I use it as a part in my mentoring program for business leaders “Strategies to cope as business leader”. My groups are small with maximum six participants to keep the group confidential; the program can also be done individually.

I will have six open groups (1 full day + six month follow up) in Swedish with the program this fall, two each in Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden, and one open group in English in Lund. You can also get the program as teleseminar in group or individual via Skype. Contact for more information if you are interested in the program.

Next week we start looking at the list, keep connected.

Keep smiling

2 thoughts on “Step 4 – Get an overview of your total situation

  1. Annika another great post that highlights the need to have a clear overview of your whole life to make sure that you are heading in the right direction. Often we forget about the overview and just focus on the business part of our lives and unfortunately if we aren’t taking care of all the parts this can impact negatively on our lives as a whole.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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