Step 3 – Say it with a smile!

Step 3 to less stress and higher profit – Say it with a smile!

You have stepped off the Hamster Wheel as first step and you have started to get to know yourself as step two. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now is the time for some more mental work in step three. Maybe you have read my earlier blog post “Take care of your brain and the rest will follow”. In it I wrote about Dr Small who had made research around longevity. 5 of his 8 essential points are about the mind and the mindset. You who know me know that my most basic truth is that we have to keep smiling to keep the positive spirals to rule.

It is essential for every human being to be noticed:

  • to be positively acknowledged for being who you are (Lisa is a good person); and
  • to be positively acknowledged for the things you do (Lisa is doing a good job).

If you do not feel seen and heard you will seek attention. You might disturb your family, friends or colleagues to get any kind of attention you can. One of the worst things a human being can experience is to not feel seen.

We all have the capability to smile. Any where. Any time. In my opinion, this is one of the most important factors for your health. Plus, it’s easy and it doesn’t cost anything.

Sharing a smile acknowledges the other person. It shows that you have noticed them and that they are important. The smile is a language that is recognized around the world. A smile is contagious.

Scientists have discovered a new type of cell that they have named a mirror neuron. Mirror neurons are nerve cells that cause us to imitate each other. For example:

  • A baby smiles when you smile.
  • When you see a couple kissing, your lips might pucker.
  • When you watch a soccer player kick the ball, your leg may move involuntarily.
  • You might say “Ouch!” and step back when you see someone get hurt.

This list can grow longer and I invite you to consider more examples – please make a comment below about what pops up in your mind.

When you smile, your facial muscles move in ways that cause the brain to release feel-good hormones such as oxytocin. That is why you feel good when you smile. Because the smile is contagious, one smile will lead to another, and so on. Sour faces can also be contagious.

Which do you prefer? How often do you make a conscious choice?

Maybe you remember one specific situation when somebody in your network gave you a nice and warming smile? Please share your experience.

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And until next week – keep smiling!

16 thoughts on “Step 3 – Say it with a smile!

  1. Annika,

    Great article!
    I will definitely continue the smile as it began when I read this! No need to take illegal drugs! A smile is a legal dose of goodness!

    Thank you for making me smile and feel good.


  2. Annika, I remember being at the movies when I was younger and a friend was eating one of those huge sour pickles and puckered up and frowned as she took the first bite…looking around several of our friends were puckered with frowns also…including me. What a laugh we had that day. Thanks for the smile with a memory.

  3. Hi Dr. Annika,

    What came to my mind is hugs. When someone hugs seems like I want a hug as well. Or maybe join in a group hug. Must be my mirror cells at work!

  4. Great post Dr.Annika! If we are not seen or validated we seek attention elsewhere. So true. I noticed that of my daughter today… took some time out with her, problem solved. Some parents would say it’s just acting up-

    • Thanks Vanessa and glad you liked it! Yes, smiles and acknoledgement work on all ages as being one of our fundamental needs. When you are aware of the mechanism it is so much easier to act proactive.

  5. Great post Annika – I love the idea of the mirror neuron – studies have shown that smiling therapy alone can be an effective antidote to mild to moderate depression – isn’t the brain awesome? Thanks for sharing

  6. I think about how we all want to make babies smile at us and when they do we feel like we won a prize. Wouldnt it be great if we felt the same way if we made adults smile as well?

  7. Hi Dr. Annika,
    Well said! Too often in to-day’s hectic pace of life people can become so wrapped up in what they are dealing with that they forget about connecting with others, even with something as simple as a smile in passing. I wrote about the impact of something as simple as a smile on someone else and have to admit that at the time I hadn’t really given much thought to it, it was just my natural inclination to greet people with a smile ( After see told me how it affected her I made sure ‘smiling’ was even more part of my standard day! Times are stressful enough – we need to do everything we can to lift people up – thanks for a great post to spread the word!

    • Karen, thanks so much for sharing your link. Love it, I see we talk basically about the same thing. I try to always have a smile on my lips – have always tried to use it as a de-stresser both for myself and my surrounding – it mostly works. Thanks again and keep smiling ….

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