Step 2 to less stress and higher profit!

Get to know yourself for better results

Last week we talked about the first step to when the stress eats you, it is getting out of the hamster wheel to be able to think. We talked about making a plan for things you need to do to get back to a fun, fit and successful life. I believe that the second thing to do, when successfully off the Hamster wheel, is to get to know yourself better. Becoming aware of your inner motivators and your personality type will help you a lot in that process. There are many different ways to do this – talking to/asking friends, reading self-help books, sign up into a coaching program etc. I know a shortcut in that process – a DISC analysis.

 What is a DISC analysis? Well, it is a kind of personality analysis showing how you communicate with other people and it also shows you the different types of communication other people may have. Knowing what kind of communication you have and knowing how the other types think you can learn to integrate your communication with others in a much more efficient way and it will reduce conflicts and misunderstandings. It will that way also reduce your stress.

The DISC analysis is just that – an analysis. It is NOT a test, there is no right or wrong, it has nothing to do with intelligence. It just shows where you are on the “Communication map”. The map has 4 different main fields and shows your basic communication/personality type.

I use a DISC analysis, Ensize Puzzle DISC, as a first step in all my Health Strategic Programs for Successful Leaders. You get to do the questionnaire (takes about 25 minutes, can be done on any computer with internet) before our first meeting. I get the result and prepare it for you to have at our meeting, live or via Skype. I always also let you do the Ensize Carrot, revealing you motivational factors. These two analyses together give you insights about yourself that are very hard to get in other ways.

I have actually never met anybody that didn’t find the information these analyses gave being extremely helpful. It is good for personal relationships, for leadership, for sales situations yes in all human relations. You can read more about the analyses in my earlier blog post “It is all about communication”.

Why should you do this analysis before all other important things you should implement getting a less stressful life? I have learned from the work with all my former patients and clients that doing lifestyle changes is almost all about mindset. I have also noticed that clients who have done the analyses much faster get working on the change than clients who have not. Simply because it starts a lot of processes in your mind when you get to know/understand yourself better

If you would like to do the analyses, yourself or together as a workshop in your working group please send a note and I will get back to you for more information.  Tell me you got the information from this blog post and I´ll give you a 10 % reduction on the fee. The test is done via a link on internet from where ever you are. You get a 36 page pdf file with the result and you and I spend around one hour together on Skype discussing the result. The pdf is for you to keep for your ongoing personal development.

In the upcoming weeks I will get back to the other important parts of a fit and healthy life for more energy to your important job AND still have energy for your private life.

Keep smiling!

10 thoughts on “Step 2 to less stress and higher profit!

  1. One of my all time favorite tools for self-discovery/awareness is the DISC profile. It is easy, not intimidating to take and the information received back is life changing. This is awesome information.

    • Thanks for sharing Linda, the DISC is also one of my favorite tools. Helps my clients to better self-understanding and that is such good start when working on getting a less stressed work/life situation.

  2. The DISC is a great tool to learn how to communicate better with everyone that comes into your life. If you haven’t taken the assessment – it is quick and painless and very enlightening. If you haven’t take it yet – take Annika up on her offer, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. I agree, DISC is life-changing. You will see the way you communicate, and the way others do, in a new light…for the better! It’s immensely helpful in business and even personal relationships, as well.

  4. I took a DISC analysis test a few years ago and it was very helpful. I had someone go over the results with me and answer any questions that I had at them, which made the information more valuable. Annika I’m sure you will have lots of people taking you up on your offer as it really helps leaders in any field.

  5. Annika,

    Thank you for this valuable information! Less conflict and stress is always good! I love the DISC profile. I am a strong “__”! Guess. LOL

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