Meet Dr. Annika

Dr. Annika speaking in English and in Swedish

Lead your leadership and your staff out of stress!

Dr Annika is an inspirational speaker who will motivate and encourage the audience. She talks about life and stress and how it all connects, making it fun and easy to grasp. You always get tools and inspiration for happiness at work as Take-home messages.

Since there is a close connection between stress and productivity, stress and corporate culture, stress and personal effectivness and also between stress and leadership this new knowledge will help your workplace grow and prosper and the revenue to increase.

Hire Dr Annika for:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Evening-meetings
  • Kick off inspirations,
  • Workshops half-day / full-day
  • Any other event when you need inspiration and knowledge to take your staff and yourself out of the deep black hole of stress.

Dr. Annika’s Speaking Subjects:

  • From Stressed Out, Maxed Out and Burned Out to Calm
  • Happiness at work – about work environment
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Other subjects within Dr Annika’s knowledgebase may be discussed

Dr. Annika’s Story


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Here’s a few of testimonials for Dr. Annika as a speaker:

“Dr Annika’s speech on work environment and stress was not only informative and full of goodies, it also was delivered with solid tips on how to handle stress, on the work place and also in life in general. This very serious subject was nicely packaged in an informal and light tone that not only gave a lot of insights it also brought out a lot of laughter, which lowered our shoulders during the half day workshop.” – Joakim Runds, assistant principal, Nyköpings Enskilda gymnasium

Dr Annika is a very inspiring speaker who in a personal way talks about health and sustainability from a cross scientific perspective. She is both very knowledgeable and engaged in the subject and she has a fantastic ability to make complicated theories and facts seem simple and make them understandable for everyone. Thanks for the seminar; I learned a lot both for myself and to use in my work as coach.” Linda Dafnerot, member of HR Network Scania

“Dr Annika´s lecture on stress was a real eye opener to me, where I learned how to recognize the early signs of stress and to identify the critical point where stress will start turning into disease. Now I know what to do – and when to do it. All very important to me since I have a job with much stress and pressure.”Anna Olofsson ProQurator Economy, Krischan 2014