Sometimes silence really is golden!

It always gets down to “Back to basics”

One “worst scenario” I think most speakers and also most leaders have faced is getting sick and losing their voice soon before a big event they are hosting. It can be a nightmare situation and this is the time to do the right things. Not a minute to lose.

Same things might happen in private life too as for my youngest daughter last week.  She had been given the big honor to be the host at the big school concert (click on image for sample); she is in her last year in college. You see her sitting in front of the orchestra in the picture.

5 days before the big event she woke up having a bad cold. And she soon also started getting more and more hoarse. A disaster was about to happen.

Well, what to do. It is the same advice for everybody whether famous speaker or schoolgirl.

Today’s tip is: Be quiet!

Resting your voice is the only real effective method to get your voice back. It is virus infections that make you hoarse, not bacteria – antibiotics will not help.

It might be a tough challenge not to talk. There are a few tricks that also might help your immune system get rid of the viruses and the symptoms as fast as possible.

  1. Quit smoking is no 1! And don’t start again!
  2. Stay at home. Especially if you also have a temperature.
  3. Turn of your phone or have someone else answer it.
  4. Use pen and paper – write your answer when “talking” to people
  5. Drink a lot of water, tea, warm water with honey or other soothing fluids
  6. Take it easy. Your immune system needs all its power to take care of what has already happened, don’t give it more things to do.
  7. Eat regularly also if you are not hungry. Your body needs energy to restore.
  8. Eat 3 colors a day to get the antioxidants that are needed to mend the cells that the viruses has hurt – see my earlier blog post.
  9. Get your night’s sleep – when you sleep the body repairs.

Remember – there are no shortcuts. We are part of the biology on earth and we have to follow the same biological laws. This is what I mean when talking about “Back to basics”.

My daughter did a great job of taking care of her and got most of her voice back. She did a fantastic job together with her coworker Marcus at the concert. They were guiding the audience through 2 hours of fantastic performances by all the talented young artists. This school combines science and music – a perfect combination to grow skilled individuals.

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Keep smiling!