Sleep yourself to success!

It is time for a good night’s sleep!

Remember this blog is a continuing story from the last few blog posts about getting control of your health and life as business leader. We have dealt with physical activity and food intake. Now it is time for a good night’s sleep. Let’s look at your sleeping habits and see if they support you or if they work against you. To be a successful business leader you need to sleep properly at night. And you do not sleep properly on your workdesk!

Sleep is essential for a healthy life. During sleep the body repairs or disposes of damaged cells, and the brain is refreshed. While we sleep, our body takes inventory and does its housecleaning, so to speak.

Lack of sleep will cause you to become irritable and distracted. You can do with one or two nights without sleep, but if you miss more than that, your job performance will suffer; the risk for accidents will increase.

In addition, the hormone systems ruled by the brain – the immune system, metabolism and so on – are disrupted because they need the sleep to regenerate their systems. There is also a connection between lack of sleep, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Note that too much sleep – more than eight hours per night – is a sign of illness. So, you can see that continuous lack of sleep or an imbalanced sleep pattern will eventually make you ill.

Drinking alcohol will make you sleepy. However, the sleep you get as a result of drinking is not physiologically beneficial. Plus, the risk for developing alcoholism is greater if you use alcohol as a sleeping pill too often.

Generally, seven to seven and a half hours of sleep is ideal. It is important for you to get regular sleep without relying on sleeping pills. If you do have trouble sleeping, create conditions that encourage sleep.

The first step is to look at your own sleeping situation today. Do a Sleep diary for a week = write down your observations of the night each morning. It will help you find the weak spots in your sleeping pattern and it is not until you see what the problem is that you can do something to correct it.

One example of how to induce productive sleep is to ensure your bedroom is cool and comfortable. Keep it clean; remove clutter or anything that might disturb your thoughts. The bedroom is for sleep, not work.

What do your sleeping habits look like? Do they support you or do they work against you? Do you have a tip for a good nights sleep? Please comment below!

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Keep smiling!

13 thoughts on “Sleep yourself to success!

  1. Yes, yes and YES!
    Sleep is the last thing that I give up in my life ~ to me it’s just as important as a good exercise routine. Not only for all the reasons that you speak of, but also because it’s so important to get our REM going for dream states. Dreams are our subconscious at work and can guide us to make decisions that are in alignment with our best interest~ that are important to our businesses and our lives!

  2. Great post Annika – sleep is one of the first things that gets disrupted when we’re not looking after ourselves – i call it the bodies early warning system!

  3. Hi, Dr. Annika. Thank you for explaining what happens to us physically when we sleep and for noting the amount of rest that is ideal. I appreciate your comprehensive post. Sleep is one of my favorite things but I hear so many theories about recommended length of sleep and whether aids are a good thing or not.

    • Thank you Judy for your nice comment. Sleep is a basic issue for health and yes, surrounded by a lot of beliefs but not so much know how 🙂 Happy if I did straighten one questionmark out for you.

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