Season for sneezing

How to stay healthy in the infective season!

Hi again, Dr Annika speaking! Ahead of us is a long nice holiday coming up – with family gatherings from different parts of the country or even different parts of the world. It is so nice to meet and sit in a warm house and eat, talk, play games or just relax together. At the same time this is the time of the year when everybody around you are wheezing and sneezing, aren’t they? If you miss one cold you will be chased by the next around the corner. There are numerous amounts of different cold-viruses and you can get them all. Doesn’t matter who you are – everyone can get caught.

Today I want to talk about how you can get thru the holidays without catching all these colds or other contagious infections. There are two different aspects on this issue .

  1. The first aspect to tackle is how to avoid getting infected. Most of the viruses are spread via aerosols – tiny drops of water in the air that you breathe in. If someone sneezes the droplets can spread up to 4 meters in the air. As you understand it is not easy to avoid getting infected but there are a few simple things you can do to try to protect yourself and others.
    • Wash your hand often – specially before you eat – use antiseptic solutions
    • Don’t put your fingers in your mouth
    • Sneeze or cough in a paper towel or sneeze or cough in your elbow if you don’t have a paper towel
    • If you see someone sneeze out in the blue – try to cover your mouth and nose or turn around
    • If you/they are infected – don’t prepare food for others
    • Avoid shaking hands if you/they are infected.

As you can see it is simple things that everyone can do. It is all about how to avoid being hit by the infectious agents.

  1. The other aspect is how you take care of yourself. If you are worn out your body will be more susceptible to infections. Your immune system wants to be taken good care of to be efficient. We are now back on my favorite issue – you have to take care of yourself the way we are biologically made for.  I hope you remember some of the things I discussed in my last text:
    • Regular sleep
    • Regular food intake
    • Lots of fruits and vegetables
    • Regular exercise – but be careful if you have an infection
    • At this time of the year is  acceptable to eat extra vitamin tablets

As you see it always gets back to this list of things to do for your body. Your body needs regularity.  It is universal. Why not talk to your near and dear ones that you meet during the holidays about how you can help each other to stay fit and feel good. It will be beneficial both for you and your family’s health AND for your work and profitability ahead.

If you do want outside help to tackle these issues I maybe can help you. I´ll give you a free 20 minutes strategic interview helping you find your most urgent needs. Send me a note and I will send more information.

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I hope that both you and your family will stay healthy and that you all will get a wonderful Christmas with lots of fun and laughter.

Wishing you all the best!