Promises for a great year 2013

Who will be the winner this year – is it you?                                           Calendar - A new year!

A new year has started. Right now it is like an empty page.  What do you want to fill it with? Have you set your goals during the Holidays? Now is your chance to set the conditions to make it the best year ever.

Many people make promises at New Year’s Eve – they will stop smoking, they will drink less, they will lose weight and start to exercise and so on. Of course some of them will succeed – the ones that are really committed. How about you?

Your promises do not have to do with physical health. They can also be about your mental health like less stress, less work, more saying No and so on. Your promises to yourself can be about your whole situation. It can be about living your dream, heading for your goals – always lead by your vision of a good life. This year the black figures in the accounting books are to be bigger than ever. You can aim for the stars and only the sky is the limit.

It is much easier to keep a promise if you know that other people know about it. So tell everyone around you about your promises to yourself. Make one of them your accountability partner in this matter. Pick someone you really trust to help you be your better self. You don’t want to risk your relation and friendship by making them become a nagging person. Because if you don’t do your homework they will and should be nagging.

What about you – have you made any promises? And have you made your promises official? What is your best trick to keep a promise? Please share your comments below.

If you find this information useful I would be happy if you share it in your network. Maybe you even know someone who really needs this – feel free to give them the link to this blogpost.

If you don’t have the right set of people for this tough accountability role in your network it might be a good idea to ask for professional services to help you keep track. If you need professional help maybe Dr Annika´s mentoring program for business leaders “Strategies to cope as business leader” will suit you. You can get the program live or as teleseminar via Skype, as individual or in a small group with maximum six participants to keep it confidential. Read more

Happy promising – and keep smiling!

Dr. Annika