Life is more than work!

Free time and doing fun things!

Time to get back on track of my initial idea for this blog – to write about the parts needed for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life for business leaders. Business leaders are people generally working long hours, right! You have not much time for your hobbies. You have not much time for doing “nothing” or other “time wasting” activities. Is this fact a good or a bad thing? Do you constantly long to do something else? I want to write a few thoughts around this problem.

I have always been a hard working person. Most doctors I know work too much. It is the same with most business leaders I know and have worked with. It is some deep down need to always accomplish something. It is a big reward to accomplish things, you can feel satisfied inside. But it can also be something that drives you to go on and on.

As long as you get time for recovery it is ok to accomplish a lot. But when you don’t take a break every now and then your accomplishments will eventually destroy you – you will get sick, your body will get diseases like hypertension, cardiac issues, sleeping disorders etc. Does not sound so cool!

One big thing I have seen over and over during my time as Health Strategist is the difference between the healthy overloaded business leaders and the ones “drowning” in their overload. I have seen that one huge difference is that the healthy ones take time off to do fun things.

I am sure they accomplish just as much as the ones not taking time off, I would say they accomplish even more in less time. What is the magic?

Doing fun things give energy! It is as simple as that. Relaxing and doing other things also makes your mind work more actively with more neural connections. That means your thoughts will be more vivid and you will find solutions you couldn’t find if you just keep working.

The things you do in this “fun and relax” time can be so many different things. The main thing is that YOU find it good. Physical activities, singing in a chorus (very common in Sweden and scientifically shown to be good for your health), going to the movies or to a theater play, playing golf. The list can be endless.

Wouldn’t it be worth a try – have fun AND accomplish more?

What is your situation? Do you take time off to boost yourself with more energy? What is your best trick to get a balance between accomplishing a lot and still not get burnt out? Please share your comments below.

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Keep smiling!