Leadership in a digital world

Digital world workplace or traditional workplace?

The digital worklife

Does the leaders in a digitalworld have other challenges than in a traditional workplace? Of course! Keeping track of employees that are not physically present demands other skills than dealing with the ones inhouse. And of course a lot of other things are different too.


Yes, the health issues. To stay fit and get enough energy to deal with challenges. To keep track of all the things that stresses you. To find ways to deal with those stressers. All these things are the same whatever organization you are in.

Today I had a meeting with Cathrin Frisemo – the founder of the concept “Work in Fake Life” as a contrast to “Work in Real Life”. She is starting a movement to make WiFL as good as it can be – because this is the new way out there – it is what is going to come!

Read more on her website (sorry, only in Swedish) – and I can recomend you connect with her if this is your area.

Keep smiling!

Dr. Annika