On Amazon - Blue Fish: Its about finding yourself and asking yourself whether the price of success is worth your health, happiness, by pushing yourself to the limit, your body goes into over drive . This book is about re energizing and finding yourself, how to work, eat, sleep, love, think, talk and exercise properly and asks the question how important is money.

Karina Mattsson AHA-konsult

Thank you Dr Annika! Your book tells me that quality beats quantity and that simplicity needs more space in our increasingly complex world. This book is easy to read and understand, it has focus on health instead of economic wins and YOUR in-depth background gives me faith to trust your approach.

We take better care of our cars than of ourselves and I challenge anyone to read this book and look at your own conditions and start a change for your own good. Making changes is not all easy and Dr. Annika is like a mentor or coach “holding your hand” while working through the chapters of the book. From my point of view as a health coach I can also recommend other professionals to use this book as a tool in supporting people to increased health and quality of life.

Anita Wandel
Language Educator and Coach, Wandel Consulting AB

Having read Dr. Annika Sörensens book "Take stress from chaos to calm" I would like to highly recommend it. It confirms what I have always believed in: "Work, but don´t forget to live. Eliminate stress and stop worrying. Be happy and make other people laugh!" This book gives you the correct tools so that your feelings, thoughts and actions co-operate better with your body, it calms you down and will give you a better sleep. I will certainly recommend the book to my students, many of whom are working, young parents. It will definitely boost their confidence, give health and generate good results:-)! This fantastic book shows the importance of transparency and openness in life.

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