Just joined 100 day blogging challenge!

Today is the first day of the next 100 – want to come along on this journey?

Smiles are contagius

Haven´t been blogging for several months. Have been thinking about it – but thinking does not make any results. So when I saw this challenge I just had to get in. 100 days is 3 months! Many days to fill with content. But when it comes to health and stress management the things to write about are endless.

I will start this first one with my absolute favorite tip – so simple – so effective – so universal!

IT IS THE SMILE! Smiles are contagious – you simply give it away to everybody you smile at. And when you smile your brain tells your system to start producing feel-good hormones like Oxytocin. And the best is that everybody you give it to also produces these feel-good hormones. Such a clever system. And one of the best stress relievers! This will be all for today – so go out there and SMILE!

Dr. Annika