It is a skill to delegate

I am in Africa – who does my work?Who will do my job?

When you read this I am still in Kenya – looking poverty  in the eye. I am in Kenya with Better Globe. We travel around visiting Better Globes tree plantations and the schools and nursery’s Better Globe support. It is a fantastic trip and I will tell more when I get back home. Since we don’t have full asset to Internet here I will just talk shortly about delegation.

How long can you be away from your business? Of course it depends on many things but one big reason for stress when away from the office is lack of ability to delegate. YOU have to do everything yourself or YOU have to keep control because ONLY YOU ARE CAPABLE ENOUGH! Most often it is not true that only you can do the job – the problem is you don’t trust the others. If this is true for you – here is a tip:

Learn to delegate – it will save your life – and make your travel/holiday much more relaxed and fun. Depending on the size of your business you will need different things. In a smaller business you might only need to have one person to delegate to. With a larger business you might need to spread your work on more hands.

Make a list of the things that MUST be done during your absence. Then write a list of things that would be nice if they were done during this time.

Take the MUST-list and think of people you know – who would be the best (next to you) to do the tasks? Ask him/her! If he/she says yes you show them the “would be nice”-list too. Ask if they can do anything of these tasks. Maybe all. Now you know what you need to write instructions for. Take good time and do this job thoroughly.

When you are away from your business you know what will happen – you did the instructions yourself. Now just relax and trust your helper. If you have made good instructions and a plan for “IF ANYTHING WRONG HAPPENS” you can lean back and just enjoy being away from all everyday work for some time.

You might fall back in your “controlling mode” again but just practice, practice and practice once again. Learning this IS a Life-saver.

My Project Manager Brenda Violette is keeping an eye on my business during my visit to Kenya. It is good to know and will take some load off from me because I know some things are done when I come back home.

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Next week I will be back in Sweden and tell you more about my extraordinary fantasic trip with Better Globe in Kenya.

Keep smiling!