Is A Career Change Right For You?

Are you living your dream?

Are you doing the job you always wanted?

Do you wake up every day with the desire to be productive in your chosen profession?

Our choice in career says a lot about who we are as a person. I have a lot of different interests from music to food and even sewing – but my love for writing and helping people is the strongest of them all. That love has helped me create a job where I can focus all of my energy into being the best resource for others possible.


If your answer to the above questions was ‘No’, then it may be time to reexamine your professional goals. Below are some clues that you may need to consider shifting careers.

1. You Dread Getting Up in the Morning
When you get home at night are you already dreading the impending alarm clock of the net morning? Do you stay up late despite being tired because you want to delay the inevitable of going to work the next day? It is necessary in life to do things we don’t necessarily want to do. But those occurrences should be few and far between, not daily. You should wake up every morning feeling excited to start the day and full of desire to complete goals.

2. You Dislike the People You Work With
It’s not necessary to enjoy every person you come in contact with. However, if you constantly feel at ends with people you are surrounded by for the better part of your day, week and life this can lead to prolonged unhappiness. You should be surrounded by people who inspire you and whom you feel connected and comfortable with.

3. You Want to Leave as Soon as You are There
Are your thoughts on the clock consumed with – thoughts of the clock? Have you become a time-watcher, distracted by how long it will be until you can leave again? If you think of the average job being 40 hours per week and multiply that by 4 weeks in a month – that is 160 hours a month you are wasting! Every minute in life is precious and you don’t want to miss out on a second of it.

4. You Lack Motivation to Complete Tasks
Do the stacks of papers continue to pile up around your desk but you find it hard to cross things off the to-do list? When we must complete tasks we have no interest in, it is very hard to find the motivation to do them. When you’re connected intrinsically to your work, you are able to experience the full benefit of making a difference in the world. This instills unending motivation to do what you must do to accomplish those goals.

There are many ways to discover your passion and the best way is to try a bunch of things you are interested in! Try learning a new instrument or picking up a book about a subject you have always wanted to learn more about. The more things you try the closer you will get to that dream job. What are some job interests you have always had but haven’t pursued?

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Until next week – keep smiling!

Dr. Annika