Increase your lifetime by physical activity

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This is the first post in my blog. I will write news every week – please share your thoughts about the subjects. I am looking forward to an interesting discussion on how to stay healthy, feeling well and be prosperous. Feel free to share your experiences. Everything I write is scientifically explained – I only work within my medical license.

Today’s subject is from an interesting article about bicycling that was big on the news in Sweden some weeks ago. 5000 healthy peoples bicycling habits were studied.  The result showed that it promotes your health more to have a short and strenuous bicycle ride then a slow but much longer ride. It will reduce the risk for heart infarction because the oxygen uptake will increase when you work hard and this will protect the heart.

The results showed that if you bicycle fast for 30 minutes a day men will increase their life with more than five years and women with four years. This exercise not only reduces heart disease but also prevents cancer in the breast, colon and the ovaries.

Peter Schnohr, the Danish scientist who has done this study, means earlier studies has shown the same result about taking brisk walks. It is the intensity in the exercise that matters the most – not how long time you are active.

This is good news – you can do things yourself that can make a difference. Some of you may not ride the bike – you may not even own one. That doesn’t matter – you can do the same thing by jogging, taking brisk walks, go swimming or other activities that will get you warm and fast breathing.

A lot of you may also find 30 minutes far too long time. You might feel that 5 minutes will be enough. Yes fine – it is OK to start with 5 minutes every day. Or even 2 minutes if that is what you can do. Just keep on doing it every day and after some time – 1 week – 2 weeks – or more – you can increase the time with 1-2-3-4-5 minutes each day. The important thing is to be consistent – to keep doing it even if it rains or you have a bad day.

In one week Dr. Annika’s blog will be back with new insights on health and prosperity.

Until then I challenge you to do your exercise and level up once. Take a piece of paper and make a note every time you done your lesson and also register how much you did. That will make it clear to you what you have achieved.

Good Luck,

Dr. Annika Sörensen