I love my new office!

What kind of office do you want?

I am so happy. Last week I got the key to my new office. It is a brand new office – the house is barely built. The workmen still go in and out and complete things they missed to begin with. But I don’t care. They are welcome because I am so happy. The office is one big room with a kitchenette and a wc. That is all. But the room is huge. I will have my work desk in a corner but also a large table for workshops and conferences. As you see on the photo the windows are large and just by the street.

It will take some time to make this perfect but this is the workplace of my dreams. No more planning of where to meet people. No more hunting for a place to rent for the workshops. No more moving around my books and other material. No more getting disturbed when I need to focus and concentrate. I think and hope I will get so much more done in shorter time. And it is only 10 minutes away from home, by bike.

As I wrote last week we need to be able to close the door when we do important work otherwise it is likely that we lose some of our best ideas when we repeatedly get disturbed. But I know that many companies only offers landscapes with desks in rows. Of course you get used to this and most people do their best. But I think that many workplaces would be more effective if the environment was set for the people working in it instead of the opposite.

As business leader you also need to have a door to close for business meetings and for confidential talks with your employers.

What does your ideal workplace look like? Are you able to set the rules for your needs? Are you able to focus on your work? The needs are different and maybe you find my office too lonely. I know people who do all their work in cafes and other official places. That is fine as long as they are satisfied.

I will have a small opening ceremony for my office on October 26th in the afternoon and you are welcome to join me. The address is Kung Oscars väg 35, Lund, Sweden. Please send a note before so I will know how many to plan for.

If you can´t make it that day feel free to pop by for a cup of coffe if you are in Lund.

Keep smiling

10 thoughts on “I love my new office!

  1. Congratulations Annika on your new office, it’s looks and sounds fantastic. This is definitely something that is on my business wishlist – an office outside of my home where I can get peace and quiet to record training videos and work in peace. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your office once you are settled in!

  2. Congratulations Annika! It sounds wonderful, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time arranging everything exactly as you want it. Once done it’ll be a great productivity enhancer and I’m sure will add to your ability to THRIVE!

  3. Forward movement, YES! Powered by Love and Service! It is so fine when the outer “work” space matches the feel and need of the “inner space”. This blog inspires all to take steps, one by one, to create that harmonious office or workspace! Thank you, Dr. Annika!

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