How to make August the best month of the year!

How did that headline sound to you? Can August be a good month? Vacation time is over and organizing for the fall can make August one of the toughest times of the year. That is both for business matters and in private life. So how would it be possible to make August the best month of the year?

Time to get up for work?plate

Let’s sort this out. What are the issues with August?

–          You have probably had some time off and your daily schedule (body AND mind) is a bit off track. Even if you have been working most of the summer your schedule is most likely a bit off schedule too because “we” tend to live a more easygoing life during summertime. SO YOU NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK! Best way to do that is to be a bit boring and start living a regular life a few days before you really have to. By regular life I mean eating (basic good food) at regular hours, getting to bed at regular hours and starting to do some kind of physical training if you have been very inactive during the time off. You may say that this way you don’t get to use your vacation/summer fully – you “lose” a few days in the end. Well, that is a matter of mindset. If you rather have those days and then stress the life out of you – it is your choice. We are biological creatures and this is how biology works. Either you follow “the biological rules” and feel somewhat comfortable or you fight them and most often end up in distress or even disease.

–          August is also the beginning of a new business season. You have to start new processes, find new clients, do new marketing and whatever. It is a lot of things and it is easy to try to do it all at once and rapidly get overwhelmed. One good way to prevent that to happen is to have a kick-off for the entire company, work department or just by yourself if you are a solopreneour. A kick-off is a full day of planning, building structure, setting goals and having fun together. If you don’t feel like fixing it yourself there are plenty of consultants out there to help and inspire you. It might even be a good idea to bring an inspiring speaker to talk or workshop about important things like stress, work environment and other work related issues. August is the perfect time for a fun and energizing kick-off.

–          Last but not least August is the time for private change in many families. Children grow up, they grow out grades and then schools and in the end they are going to college. This makes a lot of changes to deal with besides the working issues. The kids need new clothes, new books and other practical things. They also need mental support to take the next step. And you as an adult that is supposed to support also feel the strain and need support to be able to give support – yes, you understand – it goes around. What I have learned about this situation – from my own life and from clients – is that it helps on all ends if you write things down, try to make written plans for the things needed and to talk a lot. About expectations, about fears, about joys, about feelings, about practical things. If you are able to do that this time can be one of the best in your relationship with your kids and your kids will feel confident when they step up to the next level.

Now you know a few tricks to make August the best month of the year. What is your best tip? Please share in the comment field below.

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To your success – and keep smiling!

Dr. Annika