How to increase your profitability and success?

Hello all managers, directors and other hard working leaders!

Dr Annika speaking. I am starting this blog primarily for you. I am a medical doctor specialized in health promotion and family care and I will write about health from a very broad perspective –  everything scientifically explained (I will tell if not). I want to help you find good and efficient strategies to tackle your everyday life to be able to do all that good work to increase your profit.

Today I will start with sharing the secrets about how to use the Christmas and New Year Holidays to increase profitability in your department/business!

Yes, this is the time to do it! Making it possible to increase your production.

You will of course answer that I am out of my mind. You will say holidays are times to relax.

You are perfectly right. That is exactly my message. Holidays are times to relax and take care of yourself and your near and dear ones. It is the time to let the work rest for a short while. This is the time to recharge your batteries. If you let yourself have this pause you will work more focused, creative and efficient in January and the rest of the next year and that will be very good for your results ahead! How is this possible?

Every time you want something recharged – what do you do? Yes, you plug it in somewhere to let rest and let energy come back into it. Principally it is the same with the human being but just in a different way.

There are 5 major subjects that you have to think of.

  1. How you integrate/communicate with other people
  2. How you handle stress
  3. How you take care of your physical body
  4. What and when you eat – get energy
  5. How you take care of your sleep

When you have all these parts of life under control you are a real winner. My philosophy is that you have to find your way back to take care of yourselves the way you are biologically made for. If you do that you will be fit, feel good and be full of energy. You need to find models and methods that will help you keep that track.

What has Christmas time to do with all this?  It is a good and natural time for reflection, stop the hamster wheel for a second and think of how you really want to have things and what you really want to do. If you do that you are taking care of things in subject 1 and 2 in the list above.

Subject 3, 4 and 5 in the list calls for more active planning. They have one thing in common and that is regularity. Your body and mind want these 3 subjects to be foreseeable in your life. They want them to be the same every day – boringly the same.

As a doctor I have experienced that a lot of people in your situation do not have control of all these things as I describe above. Most of them feel stress and frustration because there is no time for reflection – life is ad hoc without control. Is it the same with you too? When was the last time you had a god night sleep, a workday when your energy lasted all day and you could relax when you met with your near and dear ones in the evening?

Use Christmas Holidays to take some days off from work – completely off – and stop and reflect. See how you can make your life a more regular life and how you can build in smart strategies to help you keep on track. If necessary hire someone to do your job in the meantime.

If you want help on the way I can offer you two things. I can give you a free 20 minutes strategic interview helping you find your most urgent needs. Send me  a note and I will send more information.

You can also buy and work with my e-book “5 Golden Nuggets Showing: The Simple Truths of Human Health – and how to reclaim your life, body and spirit” . It has a  complementary workbook with questions and exercises. It is based on the ideas above and gives you a good chance to start working with yourself. I think the best way to use it is as a starter for a healthier and more prosperous life. Once you have worked yourself through it you will know what areas you want to continue working with in the future.

It might also be a good Christmas gift for someone else in your surrounding with the same needs as you have. Read more and buy here

Wishing you a lot of luck on your way to prosperity! And see you next week.