Health is the No 1 thing to care about

Going through the “helicopter ride” result Step by step

Hope you enjoyed the virtual helicopter ride in last week’s blog.  Or was it a nightmare? Your feelings probably reflect what you found out about yourself and what your needs are. You looked at your life from eight different views and hopefully found out which of these you need the most to take care of. It might be anyone of them for YOU but since I don’t know which one that is I will just work my way from top to bottom the way I made the list last week.

Health is the first thing on my list in the blog from last week. Good! That also shows my basic beliefs. If you don’t have health most other things doesn’t matter. I have seen that so many times in the Health Care Clinic – healthy people have thousands of wishes but sick people only have one – to get health back.

Health issues can be many different things. Mental health and physical health. Where to start? What do I need the most? For some of you this is an easy question to answer and your problem might rather be – how do I get myself to do it? For others it is not at all clear of what you need the most.

Physical health is usually subdivided into physical activity, food, sleep and stress. Mental health is also about stress and about your mindset. Altogether humans are complicated machines where one thing goes into another. And for sure we don’t know everything yet on how it works.

All these issues are important but if you need to pick one I would suggest starting with physical activity.

Physical activity is essential for your well-being. Lack of activity can cause your muscles to become stiff and achy. Without physical activity, the brain will also become stiff in its own way – your ability to think decreases.

So, start moving! Your body will become leaner, you will have more energy and feel less pain and stiffness. Even your thinking will be easier. Exercise is a super medicine without side effects, unless you overuse it while in an untrained condition.

There are other benefits too with physical activity. It has a positive effect on weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, the heart, and so on.

Tip: make an Activity diary – fill in the diary for at least two weeks – register date, what you did and how many/long time – it will give you a good picture of your current physical activity  – afterwards it is good to reflect on what is good and what can be improved .

What is your favorite physical activity! Do you have any tips for how to keep going with the physical activity? Please comment below.

During the coming months I will go through the other 7 topics on the list. Any of them might be your primary subject to work with so hang on to my blog, eventually we will get there.

If you find this information useful I would be glad if you share it in your network. Maybe you even know someone who really needs this – feel free to give them the link to my website.

If you need professional help with this maybe Dr Annika´s mentoring program for business leaders “Strategies to cope as business leader” will suit you. My groups are small with maximum six participants to keep it confidential; the program can also be done individually.

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Keep smiling!

5 thoughts on “Health is the No 1 thing to care about

  1. Whata great post -my first would be physical activity too. It’s my go to thing-even just a walk can clear my head and reduce my stress levels.

  2. Love your article. I do believe very strongly that physical activities are keys for a better life. Few years ago, a friend of mine who suffered from depression in the winter ( lack of light..) was told by her doctor that is was crucial that she exercised everyday in order to feel better. I followed his piece of advice as well, I had the same condition. I never felt depressed in the winter anymore. It was amazing. I do chose physical activities that makes me feel good, lie running, zumba class, swimming, hiking, biking, dancing.

    • Isabelle thank you for sharing! I also always tell all my patients/clients that it is crucial to exercise – and the ones who do their lesson always come back much happier.

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