Health depend on so many things

Let’s continue in the physical health department

Starting with health from my list last week felt so good. Remember that if you don’t feel well and fit you will not have enough energy to run your business the most effective way. That may lead to loosing clients, not getting clients and the result is less profit. This usually leads to negative spirals where things get worse and worse. You need positive energy to turn it around. Last week we talked about physical activity. Let’s continue with food today.

As stated last week physical health is usually subdivided into physical activity, food, sleep and stress. Mental health is also about stress and about your mindset. We also learned that physical activity is a universal medicine for so many things. I hope you have started making your Activity diary and by now know your own level. If not it is about time!

Today I want you to start thinking about your nutrition too. This subject is complicated; it is not just a question of nourishment and energy, but also a subject of feelings and memories. Food is used for nourishment and celebration. It is also used as a drug.

There are many opinions about what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat. There are countless variations of diets, supplements and so on. Many are expensive and don’t provide the energy and comfort your body receives from eating real food. Many of them don’t even look like food.

My tip is to choose to eat a little bit of everything. Your body needs certain vital nutrients to function and if you leave something out you must supplement what you are missing. Otherwise, your body may become deficient in nutrients and illness or disease could result. Consistency is essential where diet is concerned. Never skip a meal but also just eat one serving when you eat.

How are your meals? Is there room for improvement in your diet? Check your eating pattern by doing a Diet Diary for a week – be true to yourself – write everything down. Then look at it and reflect. Time for a change? Changes might be extra difficult for a busy businessman like you attending a lot of business events. The trick is that you have to work harder on your change than others – there are no shortcuts!

Please place a comment below about your thoughts – maybe you have tips about business meals?

You can also read more about the food theme in my previous posts “Eat right and be a successful leader” and  “Three colors a day keeps the doctor away!”

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Keep smiling!

5 thoughts on “Health depend on so many things

  1. Great post – there’s so much confused info out there about nutrition – it’s a relief to read a sensible post about it – thank you!

  2. Annika,

    Very inspiring. I can always use help and inspriation with my eating habits. Thank you for another great blog post.
    I like the part: “3 Colors a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!”
    Made me smile.

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