Finally – I am going to write my book!

Taking action will take you further!

As I told you last week I was going to Florida for a workshop by Ryan Deiss in Kindle book writing last weekend. Now I am back in Sweden again. It was a life changing course. It was hosted at Sirata Beach Resort in St Pete Beach (Tampa) just by the waterside. The weather was perfect – just like a nice Swedish summer’s day. I am so glad I brought my daughter Matilda along as my assistant. The three days were so hectic I would not have done half the job without her. This weekend triggered me to take action…

We were around 250 participants in the course. We had gotten very specific instructions what to bring and prepare ahead. I must admit I didn’t do all of it. And when I got there it didn’t matter so much.

We were presented the whole process how to write a Kindle book – and an old-fashioned book of paper. We were taught how to use the book in our marketing and spreading of our good messages. We were taught every little trick there is to writing a successful book. It was so inspiring. Hearing all the other participants’ stories was also inspiring. It was so much good energy in the room. And lots of laughter!

Why do I want to write a book? First of all it is a great way to get my message out. I want to reach many more people with my knowledge than just the few I can have as face-to-face clients. The readers can benefit from what I write. Of course it is also a good way to get new clients. If any of my readers realize they need more personal help they know where to find me. Thereby it is a good marketing tool too.

I have been preparing my book for a long time. It is going to be a book for you, my favorite clients – the business leaders. I have no title for the book yet but the subject is “The sustainable leader – strategies to last as leader”.  I have the structure all set out. I know what the content shall be. Now I just have to do the actual writing too ……… This will take some time and then I have to do all the technical part to get the book together. We were given a fantastic offer at the event – get help with the technical part making the book and also with the initial marketing. This is exactly what I need so I signed up for help. Feel very pleased with my taking action – and also it now forces me to do the actual writing. And best of all – it will gain my clients.

It feels great to take action and get a publisher – Lioncrest Publishing (new site, will soon be opened). I aim to have the book ready in April 2013. Feel free to opt in (to your right on this page) for my monthly newsletter and I will keep you updated about the process and let you know when the book is on the market. As a bonus you will also get my 5 Golden Nuggets for Supreme Health audio series.

Have you written a book? Is it an e-book or a paper book? What is it about? Where and how do you market it? Any tips for my other readers? Please comment below.

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Keep smiling!