Does money affect your health?

Money makes the world go round, the world go round …

Time to move on to other things that affects our lives and our health. Things that are outside our physical body. Money is one of them. There are so many sayings about money. Money rules! Easy come – easy go! Money can’t buy you happiness! (A truth I proved wrong in previous blog post). And business leaders have double trouble – they often have two economies to worry about – their own and the company´s. Why is money such a hot subject?

What is money? It is pieces of paper and metal. We have set a value to them and can trade them for things and services – both ways. You sell or you buy. So far so good. You need enough of them to pay for a place to sleep and to buy food and a few other personal things. Once you are above that level money is no more a necessity.

Many people would not agree. I understand why. Life is easier if you have enough money to do what you want and be independent. Worrying about not having enough can make you ill.

But I have in my mentoring business met many people worrying sick about money unnecessarily. Many people just do not dare to look at the situation with open eyes when it comes to money. The “If I don’t see it, it does not exist” – mentality.

What I ask my clients to do is to write down how they think their economy is and then we look at their economy as it really is. Stunningly often there is a big discrepancy between the two. The most common type I would say is worrying about not having enough but acting if they have and not having a clue how it really is, (of course, this is a selected group crying out for help).

Why is it like this? I would guess that a lot of it is tradition. You learn and adopt a way to relate to money when you grow up and that way might not always serve you. Think of what your parents always told you about money and most likely you will believe the same.

I have also met a lot of people saying they don’t have the money for healthcare or dental care but spend lots of money on the latest i-phone or vacation trips etc. So money is a lot about priority too.

I believe that if you take a good look at what you have, start organizing your economy and work with your believes to make them up to date you can get rid of a lot of fear and anxiety and that will definitely improve your wellbeing.  So money does affect your health!

What do you think about this? Can money make you sick? Please leave your comments below.

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Keep smiling!

10 thoughts on “Does money affect your health?

  1. Good one! Your economy IS a state of mind! I like what you said about writing things down. Have you ever asked someone this? Would you like to LIVE or would you like to keep your new iPhone? Would you like to Live or would you rather lose your job? How much would you pay to live or buy that iPhone? Maybe a reality check is in order. Think about it!

  2. Very good post! Money is an important topic and I believe it’s important to figure out what our relationship with money is and where is comes from. A lot probably comes from the way we are brought up, how we are taught to think, our parent’s relationship with money.

  3. Thank you Dr. Annika. This is one of the main reason that I started my business Body in

    Money stress affects your full well being.
    We need to have a balance with everything in our lives.
    thank you

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