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My De-Stress Diary

My De-Stress Diary provides week-by-week tips for readers to introduce into their lives, teaching that even in life’s busiest moments, managing stress and finding happiness is possible. Asking questions along the way, My De-Stress Diary is a conversational piece that provides mentorship and support, but ultimately reminds readers that they are responsible for their own changes. Dr. Annika’s book functions as a source of empowerment, teaching that the possibility for change begins with intention and a strong mindset. Readers are encouraged to express their intentions and reflections with each tip, thus – as Dr. Annika notes – they become the co-authors of the book. This notion is substantiated as the discussion of each tip provided by Dr. Annika occupies equal space on the page as the section for readers’ reflections.


As well, the advice and encouragement provided in My De-Stress Diary is widely accessible across audiences, as each of these tips will have a different meaning for each reader. The book meets readers where they are in their lives regardless of their stress level or cause, and encourages them to find an inner meaning with each tip. In going “back to the basics,” the book intermingles the challenging with the fun, and over the course of a year readers will evaluate their “Inventory Network,” be dared to communicate openly and honestly, remember to smile, and find time for hugs. This feel-good and thought-provoking guide ultimately teaches that the ropes to harness happiness are just within an arm’s reach.

My De-Stress Diary is the companion for the overworked, overtired, and for those that put their own needs on the back burner. It’s time you made yourself a priority. Where will you be in a year?

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“By simply breaking down the task into more manageable pieces much can be
accomplished in a year.”

– Dr. Annika


“5 out of 5 Stars!

This is a nice book to go along with some of my other books where I practice mindfulness , meditation & positive thinking. I can’t say I read this whole book as if would spoil the “fun & surprises” that await me in the next year. It’s a diary where the author gives a practice with some positive affirmations but it’s 52 exercises, 1 for each week in the year.

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“Dr. Annika Sörensen returns after her first book Take Stress from Chaos to Calm, which I thoroughly enjoyed, with My De-Stress Diary with 52 fun and easy de-stress tips to implement into your life. We all experience stress and this small book can help change your life, and help you meet your goals and keep you on the path of feeling good with one de-stress tip a week, for your weekly food for thought.

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Judith D. Collins

“My De-Stress DIary is a diary that aims to reduce your stress significantly over a year. I obviously haven’t had the book for a year and therefore wasn’t able to do the program exactly as intended. Despite this using the tips Dr. Sorensen gives you did make a difference. I am someone who has to deal with anxiety so when I saw this book on netgalley I decided to request it in hope that it may help me.

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Kate’s Reviews

This book provides the reader with 52 tips about chaing the wsay you manage stress, when it rule both your life on a personal level and work level its time to start a new journey and embark on the Wheel of Life exercises which challenge your imagination to relax your mind, body, soul by learning to play more and do all the things which make you happy.

Pam Thomas

What a great tool! There isn’t a person alive who couldn’t use some of the tools this book provides. In an age of more more more and now! Now! Now! My Dr-Stress diary is an extremely timely book. Consider it a tool in your tool box. MY DR-STRESS DIARY by Dr. ANNIKA SORENSEN gives you a new step each week.

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Carmen Blankenship

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