Celebration time!

Celebrate your milestones!

Last week I wrote about the overwhelm I had before my Open House Celebration. I had really a lot to do and not much time for reflection. But it was all worth it. I had a fantastic Celebration party and a lot of people came to my office. They drank Champaign, ate apple pie, drank coffee and mingled. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and I know that at least two new business connections were made. To me the whole event was a proof of my hard work, that I am on the right track and it gave me visibility in my network. Yes, it was all worth it.

Today I can reflect about the effort I made. I have been taught that you should celebrate all milestones, both in your private life and in your business. I agree. I even think we should celebrate not only the big milestones but also the small every day or every week steps.

If you look at your personal life it is common to celebrate baptism, confirmation or other religious milestones depending on your faith. You celebrate weddings, moving to new homes, birthdays and lots of other things. All these things give you some kind of meaning with your life, it divides your life in different eras, it works as some kind of feeling of fulfillment and that works positive for your health and wellbeing.

When it comes to your work it is exactly the same thing. Making up milestones (=goals) for all the things you need to do in your business makes it more manageable. Celebrating your goals make the result more real in your mind. You can call it implementing a good feeling for what you have achieved.  And as I wrote above in the personal part, good feelings work positive for your health and wellbeing.

As business leader you do not only have to care for your own celebrations. It is your responsibility to care for your work group and their possibility to celebrate their achievements too.

My celebration of the new office was a big celebration because the office is a big milestone for my business. If you make all celebrations that big there will be no time for working. I had a special purpose with my Open House too. To let everybody know I have this place, to make it official.

Most celebrations do not need to be big at all. It can be just an extra prima fruit for snack, a short walk in the sun, a phone call to someone you haven’t had time to call for a long time. Just the little extra you don’t get to do every day as a treat for achieving your goals. The treat will promote the good feelings that work positive for your health and wellbeing.

Do you celebrate your achievements? What are your celebrating next? What will your treat be? Do you have any good tips for my readers on this subject? Please comment below.

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Keep smiling!