Resolutions All Year Round.


Have you made New Year’s resolutions and already quit them?


Well welcome to normality, because 95% of everyone who made New Year’s resolutions have quit by January 15. So you’re just normal!


So why is it like this? Well, because people don’t make resolutions from the heart they just say the words that they think they should say, and then the resolution will be enough to make them change.


But that’s not how biology works. You know you need progress to be happy and you have to find things that make you progress, and then you will make changes that will last.


“A resolution is a new solution and that’s what you want.”


First you have to figure out a vision of where you really truly want to be. Ask yourself; What is my goal? It has to be something positive because if you work against the negative things that you don’t want then that’s gonna take willpower, and we have a very limited amount of willpower.


You need to find something that you’re gonna be pulled towards, something that’s going to pull you, something that excites you, something that you want to be, that comes takes you on a trip towards it. You have to have a strong enough reason to want this, to follow through because there are gonna be struggles on the way and you are going to have fears and things that you have to overcome.


“You have to have a strong enough reason for where you’re going. Also you have to have a strong enough feel of it every day so you can internalize it in your brain.


So how do we do this?


We have systems in our brain where we can kind of store things that we really, really want. You make yourself aware of it all the time in whatever you do, you see that this is where I’m going. This is where I’m going. This is gonna take me to this to this goal that I want.


Ultimately you have to raise your standards. You have to want something that is a little bit more than what you have today, otherwise there’s not going to be change it’s just going to be exactly the same.


And when you raise your standards you have to make it a must. Something that you must to do, something that it just is that way because if it’s not a “must” then it’s a “should” and you know very well that “should’s” are things that you should do, but you don’t do them. You make excuses to yourself like; “I should do that, but no it’s not that fun. No I’m not going to do it. It’s not a must. I don’t have time to do it.”


So you have to figure out the ones that are “musts” and it doesn’t matter what your goal is about, money or weight loss, or relations or work, or whatever. It works the same for every subject.

You cannot change the outside, but you can change your inner game, you can change your inside, you can change your view of it, you can change your actions.


You can make the actions that you do into rituals, things that just come automatically, things that are stored in the back of your mind. Your rituals will define you.


And then you take your small, small steps and that that will give you small victories every day, and you feel good. And you do a little bit more the next day. So you keep doing that, and you give the best of yourself every time.


You’re competing against yourself, you’re competing against what you are capable of. Of course you can compete with someone who has lower standards, but what would that mean? It would mean that you would be a winner every day because you have higher standards. But that’s an illusion because it’s not going to grow you. All this is going to do is compare you to someone else who’s not you, and that’s not what you want.


I’m going to give you four steps to help you start your new resolution:


  1. Select the area where where you want to improve and if you have more than one, just pick one for now and describe the current situation. Be very specific.


  1. Write down the rituals that have taken you, that have shaped you, to be in that situation that you are right now, and be honest because if you don’t you are only fooling yourself.


  1. You write down where you want to be in that area instead, this is your goal. Write your compelling vision, and be very specific.


  1. You just write down the rituals that will get you there. The things that will make your new compelling vision true. What would you need to do differently each and every day to get you there? And that’s where you want to be.


So then you just start doing it.


Now you take two or three little things that you can change and see what happens. And when they have changed then you can take the next two or three things and go through the same process I outlined above.


If you follow the plan then you will just get through it, and it will just work because these rituals are now in place, and you will continue to do them because they will become automatic. They’re going to make you the best you, and you’re going to grow.


You can make new ones whenever you want, it doesn’t matter and it definitely doesn’t have to be new year for you to make changes or new resolutions to change.


If you need some help with this then just click the link below and we’ll schedule a short call to see what you need.


If you have friends or colleagues that would benefit from this information, feel free to share the link with them.


Good luck.



When you hear yourself saying “I Forgot” or “I Can’t remember!”

Do you find yourself forgetting things every now and then saying to yourself “I can’t remember, I don’t know where I put it. I just don’t remember.”

Well, forgetting things every now and then is normal because there is such an inflow of information and some of the stuff doesn’t really get into your brain properly. And there is such an overflow of it and if we don’t internalize it, it’s not there, but that is very normal. I’m sure you’ve been in that situation tons of times because most people have.

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New Year – No Stress – New You

Happy New Year!

It’s funny isn’t it that every new year we want to make a new start as if there is a start and the end of the issue that we have, and that life is just in the middle of it. I mean it’s just an ongoing process isn’t it?

But we, as people, we do like milestone’s and the New Year is a good time to have a milestone. I totally agree with that. I had been doing the same thing over and over again for many years until I’ve discovered that it didn’t really matter when I did my commitment for starting anew. So these days I don’t plan to do that much for New Year, instead I do it when the issue pops up and when it’s important for my life in that moment. So I have many new starts over the year instead one big new start on the 1st January, and that makes it, to me, easier to follow.

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This holiday season are you more:

“Holiday season is coming up with all the fun and togetherness of meeting with friends and family. It’s going to be such a great time.”

Or holiday season is coming up..

“I feel so stressed out for all the things that I must do. I just don’t like it. I can almost say I hate it.”

Which scenario do you prefer?

Christmas season is a very hectic time for most people and for you lady business leaders it can be a double up, because you have your job to do plus looking after your employees. Of course you want them to have a nice time and that everything will be good for Christmas, but you also have to make sure all the work is completed so that all your customers are OK before the holidays start. And then you also you have your home life where you are supposed to be serving other people and usually take on all the responsibilities there. Because even in these days of supposed “equality” it is still usually the woman in the family that has the responsibility of organizing the holiday celebrations.

You want everyone to be happy because that’s how you were brought up. But you feel lonely, you feel that it’s not fun and you think “OK I’ll take things one day at a time and I will survive because soon enough it’ll be over”. Because for you it’s just survival.

But now is the time to change that.

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Are you getting stressed out and not realizing that is what´s happening?

Seeing signs that you don’t realize is your stress?

It creeps up on you, slow and nasty before it then hits you when it is too late.

Stress is not all the things on your to-do list. Stress is the reaction in your body and mind when your perceived demands from the outside is contrasting with what your inner power can handle.

This shows in many different signs and symptoms that we often have a hard time to understand. And all this is spiced with feelings that are even harder to control.  

Here are the 5 biggest signs to look out for that are telling you, you’re stressed out:

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3 Steps to Combat Stress Drinking

Have you ever had one too many glasses of wine because you’re so stressed out? Well, you’re not alone.

You know, it’s really fairly common among business leaders that they drink too much alcohol. One day when you’re stressed out you realise:

“OK that glass of wine did feel good. I felt much calmer. I felt like this is much better than taking pills because taking tranquilizers, no that’s not for me. I’m not that kind of person. I don’t eat pills.”

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Today I want to talk about sleep.

You know life on earth is adapted to the rotation of our planet, and we have known for many years that we, as humans, have clocks that work with this regular cycle of the the planet turning around itself. So we have these body clocks but how does it work? That’s not something that we’ve really known. I’m from Sweden and in Sweden we have the Nobel Prize, I’m not sure you know about it but here it’s a big thing and I usually hear about it every year and there are all these prizes for scientists who’ve done things that most of us don’t understand.

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Some of my clients are not sure they have the right job,  they don’t feel the right connection to it and that can be very stressful. Have you ever felt like that? A disconnect?

Or maybe you are like the ones that tell me that they are perfect for the job and they really don’t know why that is either, they haven’t got the key of “What is it that makes me perfect?” or “What is it making me not like my job?”

The other day I was reminded of a guy whose name is Antonovski. He is a professor in medical sociology and he has created a term called Salutogenesis; it’s a hard word which means to look at what keeps us healthy instead of looking the other way around, the way that health care usually does where they usually are looking at what makes us ill.

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I often get questions from my clients about fitness and physical activity; they get stressed out because they don’t have time to do all that fitness work that you are supposed to. At least if you listen to all the other people they feel there is a lot of “have to do” or “must do”, and they feel guilty because they don’t. Also they might not even like the fitness work. Doing things because you “have to” is not a good driving force.

It would become something you avoid for as long as possible, it becomes like a chore and it won’t benefit you. At this point you have to find ways that spark your interest and motivate you. Also if you understand what’s going on then it’s much easier to do things that you don’t really like because you feel it’s a bore but you can cope with it because you know it’s good for you. .

I know a lot of lady business leaders who are not into sports at all….

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