Three Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves.


So much of our physical and mental well-being relies on the amount of restorative sleep we are able to get. Our energy reserves, creative abilities and clarity are all strengthened when we experience the recommended 7-9 hours of rest in an evening. However, studies show that less than 40% of people get the full-recommended amount. Between work (and work stress), familial responsibilities and financial burden, sleep can seem very low on the priority list for a lot of people. They don’t realize that the problem is a vicious cycle – stress causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep creates more stress. Goodness! Continue reading

Is A Career Change Right For You?

Are you living your dream?

Are you doing the job you always wanted?

Do you wake up every day with the desire to be productive in your chosen profession?

Our choice in career says a lot about who we are as a person. I have a lot of different interests from music to food and even sewing – but my love for writing and helping people is the strongest of them all. That love has helped me create a job where I can focus all of my energy into being the best resource for others possible. Continue reading

5 very good reasons to stress less!

Unlimited stress leads to disease. That is the inevitable worst case scenario.

Good routines give more energy!

Last week I showed that stress is grades on a scale from normal “healthy” stress to severe disease – read it here.

We saw that some stress is part of normal life. Today I will talk about what happens in your body and life when you stress too much. Read this and you might want to do something about it. Continue reading

This is yesterdays blogpost! Why ………..

If you can´t do it today – do it tomorrow!

Your daily agenda

Ouch, it only took 5 days for me to get out of track from the 100 blog challenge I started on March 1. Sad isn´t it? Both yes and no!

I sat in my office late last night and was about to write something – no – anything. Then I thought – who wants to read anything? Nobody! If you dont have a true message you might as well be quiet, right. And that is part of todays message. If you dont have anything to say – dont say it. Continue reading

Leadership in a digital world

Digital world workplace or traditional workplace?

The digital worklife

Does the leaders in a digitalworld have other challenges than in a traditional workplace? Of course! Keeping track of employees that are not physically present demands other skills than dealing with the ones inhouse. And of course a lot of other things are different too. Continue reading

Rest your mind for better results!

Do you too have those over-filled days sometimes?

Good routines give more energy! I had one today. It was a day of client work – just a little bit too tight scedule. I had no break between the clients to relax and write down my notes – it was just one after the other. When the last client left the office I knew I had a lot of administrative work to do. Do you know what I did? Continue reading