Buying Better Globe trees brings happiness!

My heart project is growing!

This last weekend I attended a seminar with the founder of Better Globe, Mr Rino Solberg. It was my first time to meet him personally. He showed to be a gentle and very enthusiastic man with both his feet on the ground. He had big integrity and he even had written a book called “Put Integrity First”. I bought the book but he had not written it mainly for selling to make money. No, he had written it to give away as a gift to all the people he met in different administrations in Africa in his work to make Better Globe best in class with both business and charity. It became a way to say no to corruption without having to argue so much about it.

Better Globes work in Kenya is in an expanding phase. The slow and stubborn down to earth work is now paying off and Better Globe is finally able to start the big project with drilling for water and giving microcredits to the farming community of Mboti. The micro financing will be as a village bank with the cooperation of the well-known Kenyan MF bank K-rep.  This will help start the long awaited “outgrower scheme” helping many families in this dry area of Sosoma.

The preschool building at Mboti that I wrote about earlier is also completed. That means that also the youngest of the children can enjoy school without having sand all over the place. I am very proud to have been part of this.

It is very good for your body and mind to have a heart project. Something you do will make a difference to someone else! As I have written before giving is a big health boost, your feel good hormones will dance in your body – and maybe you will dance along! My heart project is triple good – it will benefit both the receiver AND the giver. And as extra bonus it will also benefit the environment by growing of the trees.

It is easy for you too to be part of this good work. All you have to do is buy trees and/or Donation packages (click on: Order here), both ways you become a tree owner. The good help in Africa starts at once, the trees get planted and the donation part is put in the right account for each thing supported. The good for you starts 5 years later. At that point you start getting a return on your investment. About 12 years after your investment you reach breakeven – you have got all your invested money back. And 20 years later you get about 10 times your invested money in return. The good for the globe also starts as soon as the trees are planted.

Does this sound too good to be true? No, it is very simple – the trees are the core – wood is a product that already is scarce on the world market and it is getting more scarce as the years pass. Wood pays well today and will most probably pay even better ahead. You buy the tree-plant for 15 Euro and “you” sell it 20 years later for far more than 10 times the price.  You get 150 Euro in return the rest goes to into the business to pay salaries to the farmers employed and development etc.

Some people ask why you should get something in return at all. Well, you don’t have to get it back. Either you can reinvest in new trees, that will do good again while they grow, or you may take your return money and spend it on pure charity. You can for example give it to Better Globes sister organization Child Africa, running schools in Uganda and soon also in Kenya, pure charity. The good thing here is that you then have multiplied your gift 10 times by letting the money work in the Better Globe tree plantations.

The choice is yours!

Read my testimonial here.

Do you want help to become customer or do you want help to understand the system? Just send a note and we will set up a Skype call and I will help you safely through the purchase and after I will show you around on your customer page.

Until next week – keep smiling

4 thoughts on “Buying Better Globe trees brings happiness!

  1. I love what you said :”It is very good for your body and mind to have a heart project. Something you do will make a difference to someone else!”
    If we were giving more of ourselves we would definitely be happier. Thank you Annika for this wonderful post.

    • Thank you Debbie! If you like you too can be part of this great work. You just need to buy Trees or Donation packages. And best of it all – you will get a good return on your investment. When do you want to start?

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