Buy Better Globe trees and you will buy happiness!

Money can buy happiness … if you buy for the right purpose.

As you know from my previous blog texts I believe that health is not only about physical health but also about peace at mind. Looking at the whole picture. Doing good for both yourself and for other is among the things I can see gives good peace at mind and therefor is one way to better health. Since I started to blog, tweet ( @AskDrAnnika ) and surf on Facebook ( Ask Dr Annika ) I have found many interesting films and articles on the theme Health and Happiness.  The other day I stumbled upon this very interesting TED Talk:

“Michael Norton: How to buy happiness” – he is talking about this phenomenon. He talks about a very simple test they made giving people money to buy things for themselves or for others. They measured happiness before and after the buying part and the results are not so surprising to me – I would have guessed the result. It makes you happier to buy and give away. So, stop buying things only for yourself –they will not make you happier.

When I listened to the results of the experiments I came to think about my commitment in Better Globe, buying trees and making Donations. This is exactly what he is speaking about – I feel good by doing (buying) good. I have been with Better Globe in Kenya and there I have seen all the good things buying trees are doing. Giving people employments, giving schoolchildren water and better education, building the communities in the poorest and driest part of Kenya. A small step for a better world.

With buying Donation packages and Trees in Better Globe you do get something in return for yourself too. Indeed you get a lot in return. Does that make the buy less happy-making? No, you did something real good with you buy in the first place, helping some of the poorest people in Kenya.

Do you too want to improve your health by doing good and making money at the same time? I will be glad to assist you to become a Donator and Tree owner. Just send a note.

Your company can also be a Better Globe customer. If the company buys 1 Donation package each month during a full year it will be carbon dioxide neutral – good for your marketing. You can also give Donation packages or trees as gifts – to your employees, to customers, to suppliers and of course to friends and family. I will help with this too – just send a note.

Click here for the TED Talks film – I am sure you will like it as much as I do.

And whatever you do – do something for someone else – feels good and is good for your health!

Until next week – keep smiling