Buy Better Globe trees and you will buy happiness – again!

Doing good for others is doing good for yourself.

I have written about this theme before but I will use it once more because I find it so valuable. By now you know my heart project is Better Globe. I want to tell about a project that Jan Bolmeson, a friend and colleague in the work with Better Globe, started this spring. When we were in Kenya in February this year we, among other things, visited Mboti Primary School. It is situated way out in the middle of nowhere in one of the poorest and driest parts of Kenya. Better Globe is supporting this school through the Donation packages (read more below) but the money is not enough for everything at once. This is where Jan’s idea comes in.

Mboti Primary School has around 220 students. Around 50 are the youngest in pre-primary school and they have been “studying” in a completely torn shed – se picture on top.

The list for needs is long and the money scares so a new building for these kids was a bit down on the list. We were all very moved about this situation and Jan is a man of getting things done so he made request about the cost for a new building for these young ones. Answer: around 30000 SEK (Euro 3350, USD 4300). He then made a request to everybody that had been on the trip and to other Better Globe customers to fundraise that money and a couple of weeks later we had together donated more than needed.

Right now, just a couple of month later, the local carpenters have almost finished the job. Not only have we donated a schoolhouse we have also given these carpenters job for some time. I think that is doing double good 🙂

The surplus money is used for school material – desks, books and pencils.

Why do I as Health Strategist write about this? There are two reasons:

  1. Better Globe is my deep down heart project. I find Better Globes way of helping others in need is the far best way. This project was just an extra help we were able to give.
  2. Doing good things is good for your health. You can go back to my old blog post about this subject and find out how it works – the one with  “Michael Norton: How to buy happiness”

During the trip to Kenya I experienced all the good things buying trees are doing. Giving people employments, giving schoolchildren water and better education, building the communities in the poorest and driest part of Kenya. A small step for a better world.

With buying Donation packages and Trees in Better Globe you do get something in return for yourself too. Indeed you get a lot in return. Does that make the buy less good? No, you did something real good with your buy in the first place, helping some of the poorest people in Kenya. Win-win!

Do you too want to improve your health by doing good and making money at the same time? I will be glad to assist you to become a Donator and Tree owner. Just send a note.

Your company can also be a Better Globe customer. If the company buys 1 Donation package each month during a whole year it will also be carbon neutral – good for the marketing. You can also give Donation packages or trees as gifts – to your employees, to customers, to suppliers and of course to friends and family. I will help with this too – just send a note.

Until next week – keep smiling!

4 thoughts on “Buy Better Globe trees and you will buy happiness – again!

  1. I had not thought of it that way before. But it seems almost like a pay it forward concept which I plan on trying myself!

    • Wendy, that is a perfect way to see it – like a paying forward thing. If you want to buy trees please get in contact and I will help you get the best out of it.

  2. Annika,
    This blog really touched my heart. I have a goal to do this and help these people one day! (KENYA BOUND!)
    Thank you for writing about this!

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