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With Better Globe you contribute to a better world while doing good and making money at the same time!

Global net loss of forest, extreme poverty and lack of education are the three main problems in the world today. I have supported different aid organizations with money for these issues during my whole life, but mostly having a feeling it doesn’t help in the long run.

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I was introduced to Better Globe in 2008 and for the first time I found a way to help making permanent change to the people getting the help. It was help to the whole community and help in all three of the main global problems. A holistic thinking just the way I like it. A help to self-help at its best. It also showed to have two other positive side effects – planting trees are good for the global climate and I get return from the profit as the trees grow – a real win-win-win system.

From then on I decided to support and help Better Glob to grow and make it possible for us to reach Better Globes goal of planting 5 billion trees. It is a big goal but together we can get there. Better Globe has plantations in Kenya today and are also planning to start plantations in Uganda.

In February 2012 I also visited Better Globes plantations and a school in Kenya to see with my own eyes. This was a real transformative experiance. And now I am even more sure that Better Globe makes an enourmous difference for the people i Kenya and that this is the perfect way to help – a win-win-win.

Read more about Better Globe. The film on the start page is four minutes long – see it and find a new way, the sustanable way to help both the world and yourself in the long run.

I will be happy to assist you to become a Donator and Tree owner too. Read more to see the benefits for you – what can you dotree calculator. If you buy one Donation package each month you will have 24 trees in a year to get profit from. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Better Globe achieves the work for a better world through:

Planting trees and establishing tree plantations – by planting trees we create jobs,remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lay the foundation for small communities.

Building schools and providing children with an education – we build schools near our plantations and create conditions for children to get real education.

Contributing with micro-finance and micro-credits – by contributing to both education and micro-financing we can help farmers create their own small farms and businesses so that they can support themselves.

Contributing with water, water drilling and water wells – by contributing with water and water wells to small communities near our tree plantations, we create conditions for sustainable development.

Managing climate positively – by planting trees that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere we are helping to manage the climate. Planting 48 new trees makes a whole family corbon neutral.

Dr. Annika will buy Donation-packages in Better Globe for 5 % of all profit from