Better Globe is my deep down Heart project!

With Better Globe you contribute to a better world while
doing good and making money at the same time!

I am back in my usual world. This world is safe, predictable, structured, wealthy …. My body is here but my mind is still with all the fantastic people I have met during my trip to Kenya with Better Globe. Visiting the poorest of the poorest in Africa. As doctor I have met thousands of patients in Sweden – rich and poor, with all kinds of problems. Often sad because they don’t have everything.

During this trip I met many people having nothing and they were happy and generous with what they had. I am not trying to romanticize their life; it is truly a daily struggle for survival. But I saw and felt a happiness that I hardly ever see or feel back home. They were happy for the things they had. We are dissatisfied with what we have – because someone else in our acquaintances has something better.

The health issues in these villages are mainly from injuries and infections. These are big problems. Better Globe does not work with healthcare per se but helping to provide water, education and trees are big health issues in a broader perspective.

Better Globes strong advantage is that they work with helping the whole society. I saw that the help Better Globe delivered to the communities was of extremely big value. For example by just getting water and better conditions in the school that we visited the rate of attendance in school had raised from 50 % to 95 % in that area. This is very important because education is the base of getting out of poverty.  Another example is that when Better Globe employs workers in the tree plantations the criminality decreases in that area.

This trip has made it obvious to me that all of us in the rich world have to help; we have to do it together. I am even more convinced now that Better Globe has created a perfect mix in their package. We buy Donation packages and Trees and Better Globe uses that money for building societies and forest farms giving people jobs, water and education. We get good interest in return from the crops. An ideal win-win plan.

Please read more about Better Globe. I even want to suggest you start buying a Donation package every month – now. I will be glad to help you get going – just send a note and I´ll arrange a Skype contact. It will make a big difference not only for them but also for you if you start investing in Better Globe. On top of it all – if you buy one Donation package every month you will have planted 48 trees, 24 for you and 24 as a gift for the people in Africa  – and that will make you and your family carbon neutral, read more.

This has been an extraordinary experience for me. That’s why I had to write so much about it. Better Globe is my deep down Heart project.

Next week however I will be back on track with my health mission – back to basics – health is the basis of everything – how do you take care of yourself?

Until then – keep smiling


2 thoughts on “Better Globe is my deep down Heart project!

  1. Hey remember me, from that fun flight from Nairobi to Brussels?!!Well, I hope you continue to have the ability to do what is in your heart with Better Globe. I am back in the States now, but also like you my mind is in that beloved country of Kenya. I like what you wrote a lot. Say Hi to all at home.

    • Thanks for your comment, glad you like my texts! Of course I remember you. Long nice flight and you had still longer way to go 🙂
      We had a nice event last night showing pictures from our trip and telling about Better Globe – lots of people and good spirits.
      When you feel ready to be belong to the group Treeowners in Better Globe – please send a note and I will give support in the process via Skype. Think what great gift for your children – they will own trees in Kenya and even get money from them when they become grown-ups 🙂 The Trees /donations are also appreciated as gifts. Ingvar says HI too.
      Kind regards from Annika

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