All great leaders have a mentor!

A good help to stay on track and grow your business!

I have been in business for a little more than 4 years. 30 years before in the health care system did not make me the perfect entrepreneur and my entrepreneurial road until today has been very bumpy at times. One of my biggest mistakes has been not getting me a mentor that could have helped me see the bumps. Well, now I have found my mentor – or rather a mentoring program with a whole group to help me keep track of my doings and avoid mistakes. Do you want to know who?

Have you heard of Fabienne Fredrickson?  She is an American mentor mostly for women, but she has a bunch of male adepts too. She has different programs depending on how much help you want. I have actually not joined her for personal mentoring but joined one of her groups. We have a shared forum for discussion and support and we have our own accountability buddy within the group. We join communal calls with Fabienne every now and then. In the program we have been given a huge amount of material to work with growing our businesses. I am very happy to be part of this.

I am also very happy to have found Wendy Dall – That Travel Lady as my accountability buddy. She is Helping Families Discover the World Together. We will help each other to keep track, watch out for the bumps and also share our success.

Do you have a mentor? Even the biggest leaders have mentors; sometimes they even have more than one for different purposes. As I said in the beginning of this text – it is a mistake not to have one. That mistake has cost me a lot of effort, energy and money.

What is the purpose with a mentor? It is someone to ask all the questions you find too stupid to ask. It is someone who wants your best and helps you make the right decisions in your business/life. It is someone who honestly can warn you if they see upcoming trouble.  It is someone who should help you see when you work more than what is good for your health. This is just a few reasons to have a mentor.

What is your reason? Please share in the comment box. Your comments/advice can help other leaders get on the right track.

If you want professional help to sort out your thoughts about this or other overwhelming issues in a strategic health discussion – please send a note.

Until next week – keep smiling!