Age and energy and health!

Take care and live longer!

Today is January 17th and we celebrate one of our daughters 22nd birthday. She is in the beginning of her career, studying economics and she aims for a life as successful business woman. She had a “youth company” as a course during High School and was very successful as entrepreneur. She even got an award and some money as prize for her efforts.

All this hard work had a price for her to pay. Even when you are young and healthy there are limits of what you can expose your mind and body for.

She had to slow down her life considerably during 2 years to get back the energy that she used to have. During these two years she took minor courses and she kept her company running at a much slower pace. She realized that she had to take care of herself even though she is so young. She learned to sleep properly, to eat properly and to exercise. And now she is living a full life again with the economic studies and a substantial student life. Her company is not active  for the moment. There will be plenty of time for her later to activate it again.

What can this story teach us? You and me who are “much” older. You and me who have (over)used our minds and body´s for a much longer time. Well, at first we can learn that everybody has a limit – even the best fitted. Nobody is invulnerable. Second it should make us aware of how we take care of ourselves today. If we overuse ourselves disease will come much easier and earlier.

If you feel that you do not take care of yourself the way that is good for you or if disease already has come to you it is high time for a change in lifestyle. Today’s tip will have to be: Regularity!

Regularity in eating, exercise and sleeping!

Don’t let the stress get to you so much that you forget the word Regularity! It is a lifesaver. I challenge you to look at your habits and find at least three things that you can improve. Then make a plan for your change starting today. Remember last week’s tip about having someone to support you during the first tough weeks of change. It is good to use here.

Please get in touch if you have questions or need help with these issues. I can give you a free 20 minutes strategic interview helping you find your most urgent needs. Send me a note and I will send more information.

If you need help with the challenge above you can also buy and work with my e-book “5 Golden Nuggets Showing: The Simple Truths of Human Health – and how to reclaim your life, body and spirit“. It is combined with a separate work-book. Once you have worked yourself through it you will know what areas you want/need to continue working with in the future. Read more and buy here.

Now I will treat myself with some birthday cake (yes, you are allowed to get a treat at special occasions – as long as you don’t do it everyday and all the time).

God luck!