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Slow down - get more done!

Last week I attended a big meeting about business growth, Accelerate, in Chicago. It was hosted by Eben Pagan, known to be a successful businessman. The whole thing was a blast and I got to connect with so many exciting people. I hope to be able to introduce some of them to you later on. One thing that made me very happy was that Eben Pagan repeatedly came back to the fact that you have to deal with your mind and body to reduce stress to be able to get the best out of you. He gave us this short exercise:

Concentration – relaxation – deceleration!

Let me explain!

  • First position yourself in a relaxed, attentive position. That will make it possible for you to get access to your flow-state and make this exercise easier.
  • Then take one deep breath and concentrate your thoughts at whatever you are going to do.
  • During the next deep breath you relax your shoulders/body
  • During your third deep breath you decelerate in your thoughts

Now you can do your task at a  focused, relaxed and decelerated way! It will help do your tasks less hasty ending up with fewer faults and better result. It is as simple as that.

Do you like this excercise? What is your tip for doing things with better focus? Please share below!

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Keep smiling!

Dr. Annika

6 thoughts on “Accelerate – Decelerate

  1. T find this extremely useful. When I feel myself getting twisted I listen to Wayne Dyer’s Moses Code Meditation “I Am Wishes Fulfilled.” and it always calms me. Sometimes I am so wound up I have to force myself to meditate even though I know I’ll feel better afterwards. Thanks for this reminder. I think I’ll take a few breaths now.

    • Thanks Gennia! So true that we sometimes are so stressed out that it is hard to stop the winding. We need to find things that helps us not get the winding process started – but that is easier said than done.

  2. Excellent write-up Dr. Annika. I loved the suggestion from Eben that we focus on the Third Eye during the concentration portion of this exercise. Our Third Eye is the chakra that relates to our inner knowing, intuition, and knowledge. Focusing on the Third Eye helps to open us up to greater understanding.

  3. Dear Annika,

    this is such an amazing and important issue – a lot of us were or are stressed out right now! After some time of practicing it, it will come all together in one breath. That’s really helpfull!

    Claudia M Marx

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