A first step to health and less stress in life is to find your starting point

Start in the right end and get the best effect

If you suffer from overwhelm from the stress and the press it might be hard to know where to begin. Being in the hamster wheel it is very hard to see anything at all. You just do whatever come before your eyes and keep on moving without an effective plan. This is very common. People in powerful positions are absolutely overrepresented in this group. Things get out of hand and too many keep on moving until they hit the “wall”. At this stage many people go to the doctor because they start feeling sick.

But they usually don’t need a medical doctor. It may however be nice to be assured that it is not so bad with their physical health – at that point. What they need is a few hours with themselves taking a look at their whole situation.

The first step to a healthier and more stress-free life is always to look at where you are right now, This “look at what you got” principle is the same whatever you want to change. You always have to find the starting point.

From there you list things and sort them and put them in order of importance, an inventory. Always write things down, the human brain has not capacity to keep too many things active at the same time. Not writing it down means you are going to forget and loose good thoughts.

Now look at that list – you can see clearly what you need to take care of – maybe you don’t know how to do it but you at least know what you need to ask for help about.

Here comes the hardest thing  – action and implementation of whatever needs to be changed. This is the big stumbling block. You are running to fast and that makes it hard to make changes. Today’s tip is – get help!  From your spouse, neighbor, friends, boss, colleagues whoever or buy help. You will need an accountability buddy to lead you through.

Have you ever had that frightening feeling of being totally out of control? How did you handle that? What is your best tip to avoid getting there? And tips of what to do if you get there?

If you want professional help to get going with the inventory and the changes feel free to get in contact. We always start with a short talk via Skype to see if I am the help you need or if I shall advice you to someone else in my net.

This was only the start. The coming weeks I will write more about what needs to be done to get in control of your life.

Keep smiling!

7 thoughts on “A first step to health and less stress in life is to find your starting point

  1. Absolutely right! Don’t wait to make changes until it becomes critical and you must change. Change itself is stressful so plan your course of action to fit your life. Excellent reminder, thank you!!!

  2. Good Steps-the starting point for handling stress. Recognize the overwhelm. Take quiet time out to review! What’s working, what’s not working! Then you list all the things you want to change, and try to rank them by priority. And then get the support to decide on the right action steps for change, and then take them. Everyone needs support. Ask! Dr. Annika is a great one to ask!

  3. Thank you for the reminder. I felt exactly like this before I came here in France for vacation. So the best way to deal with this feeling of overwhelm would be to take a trip.Go away and take some time to enjoy life, remove yourself from the wheel;
    Of course, this is not the easiest solution; on a regular basis I DO EXERCISE AND IT BRINGS DOWN THE STRESS and put things into perspective, or I go out with friends and family; I try to do things I enjoy doing, then things do not seem as they are. Then, I come back with a fresher mind and new ideas.

    • Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. You are so right that one has to deal with the stress on a daily basis – and exercise is one of my favorite tools for that.

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