Which side of the brain do you use most?

TED talk that make it easy to understand!

I was going to continue with the Wheel of life but today I was shown a TED talk on Facebook that made me change my mind. I just have to write about Mindset instead. Well, you could say this is about personal development too, which is part of the Wheel of life. The speech was held by brain researcher  Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. It is an extraordinary speech about an extraordinary event.  She also explains so easy the difference between the left and right brain halves. Don’t miss this. Continue reading

Life is more than work!

Free time and doing fun things!

Time to get back on track of my initial idea for this blog – to write about the parts needed for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life for business leaders. Business leaders are people generally working long hours, right! You have not much time for your hobbies. You have not much time for doing “nothing” or other “time wasting” activities. Is this fact a good or a bad thing? Do you constantly long to do something else? I want to write a few thoughts around this problem.

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Finally – I am going to write my book!

Taking action will take you further!

As I told you last week I was going to Florida for a workshop by Ryan Deiss in Kindle book writing last weekend. Now I am back in Sweden again. It was a life changing course. It was hosted at Sirata Beach Resort in St Pete Beach (Tampa) just by the waterside. The weather was perfect – just like a nice Swedish summer’s day. I am so glad I brought my daughter Matilda along as my assistant. The three days were so hectic I would not have done half the job without her. This weekend triggered me to take action…

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Don’t sit still!

Reduce computer and television time!

Back to work again after last week’s festivities with my Office Open House. It has been a busy time with few moments sitting still. That has been good for my health. The latest scientific report on this subject shows that sitting still is even more hazardous to your health than smoking. That is big news. I have always been a big anti-smoking enthusiast trying to help every smoker to quit smoking. Now I have to turn into a big anti-sitting enthusiast too after reading this report from Australia.

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Celebration time!

Celebrate your milestones!

Last week I wrote about the overwhelm I had before my Open House Celebration. I had really a lot to do and not much time for reflection. But it was all worth it. I had a fantastic Celebration party and a lot of people came to my office. They drank Champaign, ate apple pie, drank coffee and mingled. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and I know that at least two new business connections were made. To me the whole event was a proof of my hard work, that I am on the right track and it gave me visibility in my network. Yes, it was all worth it.

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Easy first step to tackle overwhelm!

Take a deep breath and shoulders down!

Have you ever had the feeling you have too much to do? I figured so. I would say all business leaders have felt that way sometimes. Some feel it all the time. I am at that point right now, for the moment I really feel I have too much to do. When overwhelm hits you it is important to wake up fast before you lose control completely. Because then it is so much harder to get back on track again. Then it is so hard to get an overview. Then you start making mistakes. Then you start to forget things. Then you …..

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The leader leads and the boss commands!

“Big Boss-day” 

Last week I attended a great seminar about leadership. From 8.15 am to 5.30 pm – a full day! 13 prominent leaders from different companies and organizations, all getting 25 minutes each to give their view of what good leadership is. The audience was 350 business executives and leaders from all over Sweden. It was all arranged by the magazine “Chef” (Chief) and held at the beautiful venue “The Winter Garden” at The Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Service was ok but I was not impressed by the food, had expected much more from such a well-known hotel. Nevertheless I had a great day.

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Need some time off?

About the need to take breaks

Back on the health track again after last week’s blog about my Heart project Better Globe. We are already a week into October and summer feels far away. A lot of business leaders are telling me they are so tired and they would need more vacation. When I ask what they do during their workweek I understand why they are tired. No breaks, working overtime, always multi-tasking and taking work home in the weekends. They must believe they are “Superman/woman”. If you find yourself working that much it is time to do some changes if you want to last!

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Buying Better Globe trees brings happiness!

My heart project is growing!

This last weekend I attended a seminar with the founder of Better Globe, Mr Rino Solberg. It was my first time to meet him personally. He showed to be a gentle and very enthusiastic man with both his feet on the ground. He had big integrity and he even had written a book called “Put Integrity First”. I bought the book but he had not written it mainly for selling to make money. No, he had written it to give away as a gift to all the people he met in different administrations in Africa in his work to make Better Globe best in class with both business and charity. It became a way to say no to corruption without having to argue so much about it.

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Does your neighborhoods affect your health?

Where do you live?

Let’s move on to a subject that most people would not directly connect to health. It is the question of where you live. What your neighborhoods looks like. This might not be a big deal for yourself as business leader; you are most often the winner in this issue. But it might be interesting if you have hired people who come from other kinds of neighborhoods. Let me discuss this.

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