6 things to do during a long flight

Even though you may never go on a long trip like 11 hours these tips are useful for shorter trips too. The reason I say 11 hours is that I am sitting on a direct flight from Copenhagen to San Francisco right now writing this and that is 11 hours in the air and I came to think of how to use all that time without going crazy.

flight route



11 hours is a long time – very long time and it is easy to get stressed out if you just sit still and think about it.

I played with the thought of what one can do in this situation. You are all squeezed like sardines in a tin and moving space is limited. And I came up with these 6 activities.

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6 good-to-know steps when planning big events!

Last Sunday we hosted our yearly Waffles Party. Yes, you heard me right – our yearly Waffles Party. It is a party to which we invite all our friends, relatives and closer work associates and we serve waffles with jam and whipped cream – that’s all – except coffee and tea too of course.

Waffle Party

Around 60 guests found this a good idea and they came to the party. Most people ate 3 waffles each and with some simple math that adds up to around 180 waffles. That is an enormous amount of waffles! Waffles are baked in a special machine. They take each about 4 minutes to bake and we had 5 machines. Basic mathematics count to 15 waffles an hour in one machine – 5 machines make 75 waffles an hour. If you are superefficient! And you are not …….. no-one can be superefficient for so long in such a stressful situation. So, how is this possible to manage in a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon – and survive without getting totally stressed out?

The super-power word is PLANNING!

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Are you staying awake at night because of stress?

End of January! Lots of expectations for the upcoming year. But also getting caught up with reality. Have I started off as I wanted? Will my business reach the goals? Why haven’t we heard from that client that seemed so interested? How will my economy turn out? It was supposed to be easier for each year in business – not harder!

Wrong place to sleep at!

Also in private life the questions start to stack. Will my kids succeed in school or will they be bullied? Will the older kids get any jobs and will my marriage last? Why does it seem like everyone else are so happy?

The questions in everyday life are endless. You want to scream:

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5 steps to keep your New Year’s Resolutions on track!

Halfway into January and with New Year Celebrations behind us, we have the rest of our life laying at our feet. And most of our New Year Resolutions are forgotten – or?

In most cases that is a fact!


We generally feel the euphoria of a new year – we see new possibilities – set new goals – make all kinds of promises – but then all of a sudden our daily life hits us and we are back in our old rat race. This is the life we know and it is easier to stay there than to do the changes.

Does it have to be like this?


But why is it that it always happens? What is this all about? It is about your standards in life. You do your chosen rituals in life every day and you continue to do them the same way until you find a reason to change.

It works like this! You first have to have a VISION  – where do you really want to be – what do you really want to become? Then you have to have good reasons why you want that. You have to feel those reasons in your heart. You have to review and feel them every day!

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10 things to make 2015 and the rest of your life magnificent!

It is funny, isn’t it, that every New Year we want to make a new start. As if there is a start and end in the middle of life rather than life being just an ongoing process. Well, we humans need milestones in life to focus our story around and a new year is as good as any time for that purpose. I had been doing the same until I discovered that it didn’t matter when you make your promises to yourself – as long as you do what you promised. And I find it is easier to keep the promises if I make them in a context connected to the issue rather than to a fixed date.
Go for the good things in life!
The other day I heard about a study on longevity. It was based on the fact that more and more people are reaching the age of 100 years in Sweden and I found that interesting at a time when we are makeing resolutions for our own positive changes.

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Christmas time is family time for me!

Just the word Christmas starts a lot of thoughts and feelings within most people. It often presses the “Stress Button” within since it is “supposed” to be the fun and healing time, but it more often tends to be the most stressful time of the year. It can be traditions to be faithful to, being alone without family, other people’s expectations and so much more. What is Christmas time for you? Today it is  family time for me, but before it was just a lot of stress. I was in a rat race that I hated. But I found a solution. Here is my story:

Snowman brings Christmas peace

When I was a kid I remember the hectic race going from one relative to the other on Christmas Eve. Some of them got annoyed because they thought we didn’t make the right priority in which order to visit them. We were supposed to exchange gifts and taste each other’s sweets. I never understood the fun in this – it was just a must because of other people’s expectations – and I was so relieved in the evening when we had our own Christmas evening – just for the closest family including grandparents.

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Decrease Your Stress with My De-Stress Diary!

Out of pure joy I want to pop in with an extra blog post today! I have just finished my second book and it is up on Amazon Today. It comes in Paperback and as Kindle book.

My DeStress Diary

When my friends and promoters at Digiwriting.com earlier this fall asked if I could write another book I was hesitating. I had so much to do and it seemed impossible to squeeze one more project in. I do have to walk my talk and not get into the Rat Race myself. Then it occurred to me that I have a lot of material just sitting there not being used and maybe that could be procedured in some way. We did some inventory and voilà – here is a new book: My DE-STRESS DIARY – 52 effective tips for less stress and more peace of mind.


My De-Stress Diary provides week-by-week tips for readers to introduce into their lives, teaching that even in life’s busiest moments, managing stress and finding happiness is possible.

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7 tips starting NOW to get a de-stressed Christmas Season!

Holiday Season is coming up with all fun activities and gatherings with your favorite friends and family! Or – Holiday Season is coming up with stress and depression for the things you MUST do! Which scenario do you prefer?
The first one I guess!

Christmas de-stress

It is time to start now to make the perfect Christmas and New Year Holidays. With a little bit of planning it is achievable. Miscommunication and unrealistic expectations are usually the causes of all this stress. That is why you need to start talking with your folks – now!


Here are 7 tips to help you make it happen:

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5 simple tips for less stress when Travelling!

Home sweet home! That is what I say every time I get home from long-distance travelling. Not because I don’t like travelling and definitely not because I don’t like where I have been. No it is just because living out of a suitcase for too long is distressing and also travelling over many time zones stress your circadian cycles.

Again a new hotel room

I have already been travelling long-distance to the west coast in US twice this fall and that is a time difference from Sweden at 9 hours. One more trip is planned. It doesn’t only split the time in my work but it does take some energy with the jetlag from such big time difference – both going there and also when coming back home.

As stress mentor I meet lots of business leaders and executives that say exactly the same thing. I usually ask them for their best tips on how to avoid to get all stressed out of all the travelling and I will list a few of their tips below.   Continue reading

The truth about Positive vs Negative stress!

People often talk about, almost brag about, how much they have on their to-do list. It has for a long time been high status in being busy – as if the one with the most full agenda wins. And many also claim that they can’t get sick from their long list because they just doing fun things.

work-ladderThey claim to have positive stress.

They are wrong! It is as simple as that.
There is no such thing as Positive and Negative stress. The reactions to our bodies are the same whatever the reason. Continue reading