8 roads leading to less stress!


Stress is not limited to work – it is about your whole life situation.

We have looked on what stress is (read here) and what stress does to your body and mind (read here). Now it is time to do something about it.

It all connects – body – mind – soul! So you have to find balance between these parts. Easiest way is to look at the Wheel of Life –

My version is divided into 8 pieces. It is a list of different things that together build a picture of your whole life. It is like taking a look at the situation from a helicopter view. These are things for your personal wellbeing and they make the foundation for your good work as business professional.

● Health – am I taking care of my body and mind? What do I need to change? Do I need help?

● Family/close relations –  do I have a network? Can I ask for help? Are there even persons I should stop seeing – that are not good for me?

● Love – Do I have real close relations? Can they help me?

● Work – Things to change?

● Free time / fun – Do I have free time? How do I use it?

● Personal development – Am I stuck in old patterns?

● Physical surrounding – What kind of environment do I want to live in?

● Money – My economic situation? Do I need help?

Wheel of Life

You can grade your pieces in this “pie” from 0  to 10. Which piece did get the lowest grades? Those are probably the ones you need to work with first.

Make a list for each piece what needs to be done to live your good life. Then make a priority on what is most important to you – and would have the greatest impact on your wellbeing. BOOM – that is where you start! Taking one of the eight roads.

What is your weakest spot? Do you know what to do? If not I suggest you get help to get you going – because you are the only one that can change your life and if you don’t start no change will come. It is as simple as that.

The following weeks I will continue talking about the wheel of Life. We will go through each piece one by one. The health piece is also dived into 5 separate subject; physical activity, food, sleep, stress and substance use.

Please comment below. I´d love to hear your opinion on this. How do you find your weak spots? What are they and what do you do about it?


Until next week – keep smiling!

Dr. Annika

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